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Synonyms for amply

Synonyms for amply

to an ample degree or in an ample manner


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Upstairs, bedroom one is an amply sized master bedroom overlooking field views to the front, with wardrobe space.
"India has amply demonstrated both her intent and capabilities, first through surgical strikes and then through air strikes after the Pulwama attack at terrorist hideouts across the border.
Summary: Benjamin Netanyahu has never aspired for peace with the Palestinians, as was made amply clear in an ad preceding the upcoming polls that featured footage of him telling former U.S.
They said the killing of a teacher in cold blood makes it amply clear that people in Kashmir are totally unsafe.
Pakistan has presented evidence obtained from Commander Jadhav after his arrest, and during the criminal process leading to his conviction as amply demonstrating his activities in fomenting terrorism and engaging in espionage in Pakistan.
The counsel will also plead for the release of Shehbaz on the ground that no charge stands against him and he had always appeared before the NAB authorities whenever called which amply shows his clean character in the charges levelled against him.
It was amply evident though that the tweet was the job of a hacker as it went on to promote a foreign carrier.
The soul-rending tails of the families whose little girls went missing and later found murdered after sexual assault over the last two years make it amply clear that the people have lost faith in the effectiveness of our police force.
ISLAMABAD -- Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday said the continuity of electoral process in Azad Jammu and Kashmir had amply strengthened the democratic system.
A delicious buffet provided amply for all with very little left to waste.
Philippines Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Rosalinda Dimapiliz-Baldoz expressed optimism yesterday that household service workers (HSWs) who will work in Saudi Arabia for the first time will be amply protected.
The gratefulness of these pigeons and cats is amply evident by the way they flock him as he steps out of his house, whether it is their feeding time or not.
There's sure to be a sizeable audience for whom the thought of the series' notoriously lingering close-ups of amply endowed but skimpily attired female fighters combined with pin-sharp 3D visuals will prove absolutely irresistible.
THE lunacy of wind generated electricity power has been amply illustrated at lunchtime today ( Sunday), the temperature was hovering at minus 4C which means high demand on the electricity network as the contribution from the gas powered generating station at Connah's Quay amply shows by the huge cloud of steam vapour which hovered in the air above it.
Moreover, while amply qualified "non-white" South/South-East Asian teachers would be more than willing to fill the available teaching positions, Koreans themselves are unwilling to accept them as legitimate teachers due to their preconceptions of a legitimate teacher.