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Synonyms for amplitude

Synonyms for amplitude

great extent, amount, or dimension

the quality or state of being large in amount, extent, or importance

Synonyms for amplitude

(physics) the maximum displacement of a periodic wave

the property of copious abundance

greatness of magnitude

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Figure 3 shows the steady state shear viscosity of the decrosslinked XHDPE as a function of the shear rate at a temperature of 200[degrees]C obtained by TSE using the compounding screws and decrosslinking screws without and with ultrasonic treatment at amplitudes of 10 and 13 pm.
However, post-treatment TEOAE amplitudes and DPOAE amplitudes differed among the three groups; they were significantly higher in the sildenafil group at 1.
Therefore, a new method for maintaining constant dither amplitudes is proposed in this paper.
The average of the peak-to-peak amplitudes was calculated in the same manner for each recording site.
Amplitudes outside the resonance will always be smaller than in the resonance.
Os valores encontrados de modo estatisticamente significante serao apresentados nas Figuras de 1 a 6 e nas Tabelas 1 e 2, com as medias das latencias e amplitudes de cada potencial estudado.
Tests to exclude the possibility of conduction block were performed by applying the proximal stimulation of the ulnar nerves in the axilla and Erb's point and by comparing the amplitudes of the CMAP between different stimulation sites.
Their pre-treatment and post treatment ECGs were evaluated by measuring P-wave amplitudes in leads II and aVF and P-wave axes were calculated.
All measurement and signal analysis were performed by two clinical psychiatrists who were blind to the status of the subject (patient or control); they had received training using the apparatus and had good inter-rater reliability when independently assessing the wave amplitudes of ten patients (r=0 .
Manado, N Sulawesi, Shawwal 7, 1432, Sep 5, 2011, SPA -- The Lokon and Mahawu volcanic monitoring post in Kakaskasen, Tomohon, was still recording volcanic shocks of quite high amplitudes up to 45 millimeters from the Tompaluan crater, Mt Lokon, North Sulawesi.
The reason for such improvement is that the non-focusing method considers only the reflection of T(0,1) guided wave mode while the focusing of guided waves takes into account all the reflected torsional-flexural guided wave modes, which amplitudes are summed up in the CSM imaging algorithm.
Similarly, if the amplitudes of the signal and the noise were perfectly matched but there was a 10 percent phase mismatch as shown in the right of Figure 1, then the cancellation would, again, be imperfect and the resulting residual noise signal would be noticeable.
In order to produce the correction of the frequency of desired signal in this work it is proposed to introduce additional loop, which will achieve this correction on the basis of the difference between permitted and flowing of the amplitudes of dynamic error (Emelyanov, 1997).