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Synonyms for amplitude

Synonyms for amplitude

great extent, amount, or dimension

the quality or state of being large in amount, extent, or importance

Synonyms for amplitude

(physics) the maximum displacement of a periodic wave

the property of copious abundance

greatness of magnitude

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LCF tests were conducted at strain amplitudes (i.e., half of total strain ranges) of [+ or -]0.35% to [+ or -]1.25% at 300[degrees]C temperature.
First, using the amplitudes of the three greatest points two ratios, [R.sub.1] and [R.sub.2], are calculated:
Modulational instability also occurs when a monochromatic signal is perturbed by a pair of side bands of smaller amplitudes and slightly different frequencies.
Mean MEP amplitudes were calculated from the peak-to-peak amplitudes of 13 of the 15 trials, with elimination of the largest and the smallest values.
Ultrasonic decrosslinking of XHDPE using the compounding screws was carried out at a screw speed of 20 rpm, ultrasonic amplitudes of 5, 7.5, and 10 pm and flow rates of 3.75, 6.5, and 8.25 g/min, corresponding to the mean residence time in the ultrasonic treatment zone of 22.2, 12.8, and 10.1 s, respectively.
The clinical and demographic characteristics, and mean latencies and amplitudes of the patients and control subjects are shown in Table 1.
Although the above-mentioned studies analyzed the effects of the number and the amplitudes of circumferential lobes on bearing lubrication with consideration of elastic deformation of the bearing shell and journal, the influence of the roundness phase (the angle of the roundness geometric shape along the journal circumferential direction) is ignored.
However, post-treatment TEOAE amplitudes and DPOAE amplitudes differed among the three groups; they were significantly higher in the sildenafil group at 1.0 kHz and the same in the tadalafil group; in the vardenafil group, the DPOAE amplitude was significantly lower at 3.0 kHz while there was no change in the TEOAE amplitude....
Therefore, a new method for maintaining constant dither amplitudes is proposed in this paper.
The nominal amplitudes [[alpha].sub.n] (n = 0,1, ..., N - 1) based on Chebyshev synthesis method are given in Table 1, which generates a power pattern with the sidelobe level -20 dB.
We measure the peaks of the two wave packets in time domain, which are the maximum amplitudes of the two original modes S0 and A0 and calculate the amplitude ratio between them for use in evaluating the long bone crack width with different fracture angles.
The operating amplitudes of the reed vibrating system decrease with the increase in stiffness and damping of the fabric undergoing thickening.
A test was carried out by applying different pushing pressure and excitation loads using some contact pads of different widths to obtain different slip amplitudes. Calculations were performed under the same conditions, and then stress amplitude and slip amplitude determined in the calculations as well as cycles up to the fracture in the test were used to draw the limit line.