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the level on a scale of amplitude

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Calculations Using LF-Time-Ordered Perturbation Theory and Hadronization at the Amplitude Level
The algorithm was not affected by the amplitude level, but frequency changes.
In this model, [X.sub.i] and [X.sub.j] are the independent extraction variables, amplitude level (%), and time (min), respectively.
The stimulation level was set by changing the amplitude level of the electrical signal provided by the signal generator.
With Spectrum Analyser, you can also see how the audio is reproduced in different frequencies and amplitude level.
B8-cont, steel bars are not plasticized up to this amplitude level and energy dissipation occurs only due to concrete cracking.
The amplitude level of ultrasonic signals is affected by surface roughness due to scattering to a larger extent.
The analyzer's bar graph illustrates an average amplitude level of the signals from all available devices and will display irregular voltage levels.
However, we also confirmed the amplitude level became larger for the cases of more termites.
The time measured, and thus the velocity calculated, will be affected by the amplitude level at which time is measured.
Using an Arb with enough sampling speed does not ensure that the required carrier frequency can be generated, at least at the expected amplitude level.
This feature allows users to select the amplitude level of ultrasonic vibration (typically 60% to 100% of full capacity) for each job.
In addition, the amplitude level reference (30 to about 45 dB) is observed up to 40 s after the test was initiated.
Hysteresis loops were obtained from the strain-range-controlled tests at eight different strain amplitude levels. Figure 4a shows the hysteresis loops at the first cycle, the mid-life cycle, and the last cycle of a fully reversed uniaxial fatigue test at the highest strain amplitude level.
To achieve an amplitude level such as required by the example above, about 40 dB of gain is required.
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