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the level on a scale of amplitude

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2, which illustrates the importance of choosing an amplitude level for measuring the time.
Figure 4a shows the hysteresis loops at the first cycle, the mid-life cycle, and the last cycle of a fully reversed uniaxial fatigue test at the highest strain amplitude level.
The M02140 is fully equipped with on-chip programmable features including output amplitude level and adjustable signal detect threshold setting.
The reference aids include: a complete video glossary of over 120 terms and formats; a depiction of standard key video parameters, such as burst, breezeway, blanking; descriptions of common video measurements such as video amplitude level and burst width; and test signal/pattern usage and descriptions.
The lower amplitude level can reduce the time required for voltage charging and discharging, thus leading to high speed operation.
The stress amplitude levels shown are about 77% and 50% of ultimate tensile strength for R = - 1 condition and 38% and 26% of ultimate tensile strength for R = 0.
Even at low amplitude levels, the Sound Pressure Horn technology allows clear and full bass.
It can be observed that for both varieties, the greatest detachment efficiency tended to occur at higher frequency and amplitude levels.
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