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the level on a scale of amplitude

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2, which illustrates the importance of choosing an amplitude level for measuring the time.
To confirm the equivalence of strain-range-controlled and stress-controlled mode at low strain amplitude level, another cyclic test was performed under strain-range-controlled mode at a loading rate of 10 MPa/s with a strain range of [+ or -]1.
To achieve an amplitude level such as required by the example above, about 40 dB of gain is required.
The model LVW1012 features an adjustable mechanical amplitude that maintains a constant amplitude level (a range of 0.
AE] at the signal amplitude level of 40 dB is thus equal to the total number of the bursts [N.
In B-array, the high-level AE sources found in A-array were absent, but almost the same amplitude level of AE sources were present.
The amplitude level does not change, but as the pulse widens, several data points may be located at the same level.
The M02140 is fully equipped with on-chip programmable features including output amplitude level and adjustable signal detect threshold setting.
The tone needs to have an identical amplitude level as the RF carriers that are applied to the phase discriminator.
The reference aids include: a complete video glossary of over 120 terms and formats; a depiction of standard key video parameters, such as burst, breezeway, blanking; descriptions of common video measurements such as video amplitude level and burst width; and test signal/pattern usage and descriptions.
The lower amplitude level can reduce the time required for voltage charging and discharging, thus leading to high speed operation.
In FSK, distinct frequencies represent distinct values of binary data and in ASK distinct amplitude levels of the carrier wave represent distinct values of binary data for the attackers.
The stress amplitude levels shown are about 77% and 50% of ultimate tensile strength for R = - 1 condition and 38% and 26% of ultimate tensile strength for R = 0.
Even at low amplitude levels, the Sound Pressure Horn technology allows clear and full bass.
As a first step of the synthesis procedure, we looked for a real and positive, circularly symmetric continuous aperture source fulfilling the above constraints by exploiting just three different amplitude levels.
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