amplitude distortion

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distortion that occurs when the output signal does not have a linear relation to the input signal

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If N is odd, (8) results T([e.sup.j[omega]]) = 0 at [omega] = [pi]/2 for amplitude distortion. In order to avoid the amplitude distortion, N must be chosen even.
Figure 7 is an analytical screen showing the time domain, frequency spectrum, error vector magnitude and constellation display for a 16QAM signal with a significant level of amplitude distortion.
The coefficients [k.sub.i] in Equation 1 are real numbers and Equation 1 is obtained from the amplitude distortion in (AM-to-AM) of the HPA.
AM-to-PM conversion has the direct effect of leading to phase distortion even at power levels at which there is little amplitude distortion arising from gain compression.
This is a result of third-order amplitude distortion and cross-modulation.