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Synonyms for amplitude

Synonyms for amplitude

great extent, amount, or dimension

the quality or state of being large in amount, extent, or importance

Synonyms for amplitude

(physics) the maximum displacement of a periodic wave

the property of copious abundance

greatness of magnitude

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Acceleration measured by this sensor was used by the system to control the frequency and amplitude of vibration of the shaker.
s finding of a correlation between P2 amplitude intensity slope and anxiety but not PTSD-related or depressive symptoms [1].
Amplitude now offers a full range of conference management services, including building stage sets and exhibition stands, providing music, lighting and sound and graphic design.
The correction of the frequency of desired signal occurs on the basis of the difference between the permissible and current amplitude of error.
The correlation method can deliver the information about the amplitude and the temporal location of the alternans episode in the ECG signal.
B and C reveals that there is a lot of "hot" amplitude at the face of the horn and that this amplitude is uneven across the face.
npW] (k) shaded circle with heavy core in the diagram 3), and by the irreducible four-fermion amplitude [M.
The ratio of the amplitude of the signal at the end of the interconnect to the incident signal should be 1.
A study of 327 adults from the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism found those with antisocial personality disorder exhibited larger N400 amplitudes across all stimulus conditions during a primed and unprimed word paradigm.
Depending on the desired effects from the treatment, a combination of different frequencies and displacement amplitude is applied.
Breger (2000) collected all observations over the last 30 years and studied the amplitude variation of the frequencies found in the 1996 campaign.
Because of the high content of carbon black usually incorporated within the compounds, the dynamic behavior of these materials is markedly nonlinear [3-10], so depending also on the deformation amplitude the material undergoes.
033 Hz at a stimulation intensity [is less than] 10 V, which gave a response that was approximately 50% maximal and had an amplitude of between 0.