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Studies suggest that voice amplification systems can help improve student achievement and lower special education referral rates, while also leading to better classroom management and fewer teacher sick days as a result of voice strain.
The sound amplification system is categorized as classroom audio distribution system, according to ASA/ ANSI standard S12.604.
It was less of a gig and more of a conversation between friends where someone had decided to bring their own amplification system along.
Now you have a hands-off, always-on sound amplification system working for you; but at the first crack of a shot, presto, shut-down--and about 25 dB of noise reduction.
We conducted singletube RT-PCR to maintain the benefits of the so-called closed amplification system of rtPCR.
The test, which was developed with funding from the Wellcome Trust, then uses a unique signal amplification system developed by DRW to boost the test's sensitivity and gives the results in less than an hour.
There is a mechanical amplification system connected to an oscillating needle and dial.
Tama Rowan, Mount Vernon Elementary, $853 for a portable sound amplification system for student performances.
The Gala is also designed to provide easy access for disabled customers and it operates the Sennheiser infra-red amplification system for those with impaired hearing.
We didn't get the bands we wanted, so my roommate, Willie Smith, drove the route in his VW bus playing World War II German marches from an amplification system he'd hooked up.
Newly designed light fixtures, an improved sound amplification system, modern electrical and plumbing infrastructure, and the Temple's first-ever air conditioning system have all been seamlessly integrated into the building's historic fabric.
THE COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE (1592009735, $34.99) is for the electric guitar player seeking the perfect guitar amplification system: one which is flexible, works with all digital audio workstation systems, and can be used on and off stage.
Drawing on traditional Bazombo trance music, it centers on the sounds of multiple likembes (thumb pianos) distorted by a jerryrigged amplification system and combined with percussive instruments and lyrics chanted through megaphones.
Similarly, the Ovation RNA amplification system has been used for mRNA amplification and transcriptional analysis of pig embryogenesis (5).