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Synonyms for ample

Synonyms for ample

large in expanse

having plenty of room

of full measure; not narrow or restricted

Synonyms for ample

more than enough in size or scope or capacity

affording an abundant supply

fairly large

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While poets have the amplest freedom to compare extremely different elements, (192) lawyers need to follow strict rules.
A truly remarkable read which could fill even the amplest of Christmas stockings.
Regulations issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue stated that such publication would provide the "amplest opportunity" to detect frauds and omissions.
gives us the amplest opportunity for making 'God's acre beautiful' a blessing instead of a danger to its neighbourhood ...
There is no question that the show, billed as a survey and initially mounted at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art by curator Madeleine Grynsztejn, provides the amplest US presentation to date of the work of the forty-one-year-old Berlin-based artist--as was its aim.
Among the manifestations of this allegiance, his deification of London gives the amplest evidence of the teleological model that his work imbibes.
As Millgate argues, all sources need to be treated critically, but oral sources require the amplest doses of salt.
They have the broadest, straightest streets in Hartford, that ever led a sinner to destruction, and the dwelling houses are the amplest in size, and the shapeliest, and have the most capacious ornamental grounds about them....
Even in the West, where mercantile regimes allowed the amplest room for religious cohabitation, the situation was frequently more complex than it might seem.
The amplest sources of information concerning countryside settlements have been the Lehmja and Olustvere excavation sites; over 1 ha of land was investigated there.
7.5[degrees]N) amplest of all, with heights summits attain 5.500m; this segment is bounded northward by a left-lateral, strike-slip Santa Marta-Bucaramanga Fault (Taboada et al., 2000).