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Synonyms for ample

Synonyms for ample

large in expanse

having plenty of room

of full measure; not narrow or restricted

Synonyms for ample

more than enough in size or scope or capacity

affording an abundant supply

fairly large

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At any rate it is in this sort only that I can account for my failure to read a great deal during four years of the amplest quiet that I spent in the country at Belmont, whither we removed from Cambridge.
Sanders, Sam was allowed to depart without any reference, on the part of the hostess, to the pettitoes and toasted cheese; to which the ladies, with such juvenile assistance as Master Bardell could afford, soon afterwards rendered the amplest justice--indeed they wholly vanished before their strenuous exertions.
Swinburne could not but wonder "why should Ireland wish to break with a country [that is, England] theoretically capable of greatness, of being an imperial nation in the amplest sense if only it could cast off its unworthy leaders?
3, line 34), when he wonders whether "earth can clothe and feed / Amplest millions at their need" (st.
A truly remarkable read which could fill even the amplest of Christmas stockings.
gives us the amplest opportunity for making 'God's acre beautiful' a blessing instead of a danger to its neighbourhood .