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Synonyms for ample

Synonyms for ample

large in expanse

having plenty of room

of full measure; not narrow or restricted

Synonyms for ample

more than enough in size or scope or capacity

affording an abundant supply

fairly large

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The entitlement was ampler than a specific use right, each "owner" having the right to use and manage the land, to appropriate its fruits and profit, and to exclude non-owners.
She is interested in tracking the effects of what she names "crisis ordinariness," a scene in which our attachment to the promise of certain kinds of objects--the promise of an ampler flourishing, a trajectory toward something other than depletion--itself forestalls precisely that flourishing, keeping us instead bound to the very modes and structures, the very habits of being, that harm us.
After a small investigation of this mystery we can report that Not-so-big-any longer Bad Al is not suffering from Cyprob-induced anorexia, but has decided to go on the no-carbs Atkins diet because he was getting annoyed at being told that he had an ampler backside than comrade Tof.
This chapter is the most impressive in the book, largely because Larrissy allows himself space for ampler readings of individual works than is the case elsewhere.
A "rich" community, on the other hand, "will have to discover much ampler opportunities for investment if the saving propensities of its wealthier members are to be compatible with the employment of its poorer members.
The main cash-and-carry effect of age-bias law is to confer legal leverage on older male holders of desirable jobs, such as managers, pilots, and college professors, who by threatening to raise the issue can extract ampler severance packets than might otherwise be offered them.
Although Cassidian remains extremely discrete in terms of technical details, one can easily estimate that a good 80 hp is needed to comfortably move such a mass in the air, especially if one considers the ampler width of the fuselage compared with say, the Swedish Skeldar or the Iberian Pelicano (both Cybaero based), which have to contend themselves with 50 or 55 horsepower on tap.
The culture concept is now ampler, richer, and more understood in its economic dimension.
Moreover, the interest of particular individuals may have to be subordinated to those of the entire species, as a fire that destroys some trees may nourish the soil for the ampler development of others later on.
This steadfast approach has brought about, firstly, an effect of contagious multiplication of resources and resonance; and, secondly, an attitude of confidence in the hope that the extremely painstaking work on this pilot segment (114 letters within a total exceeding 1000) can be carried out with the same results of excellence, and with the necessary streamlining, on the much ampler body of letters remaining to be dealt with.
For instance, the amplitude of mood oscillations for negative affective symptoms is larger in circasemiseptan and circaseptan domains than in circadian whereas positive affect shows ampler variation in the circadian domain (36).
Watson suggests that 'the regional novel is the gateway to the ampler world of the historical novel, since it represents whole societies and conceives of individual characters as composing societies' (vi).
In general, there are two great approaches: one oriented to the market and to obtain value for the shareholders and another oriented to the relationships and to obtain value for an ampler group of interested ones or stakeholders.
In spite of the advantages and operational easiness this standardization assure, it also brings in an obviously huge risk: it is possible only by extracting the managerial processes from the ampler, more extensive context in which they run and by willingly neglecting the implications and effects that cannot be rigorously quantifies and formulated.
On the contrary--he repeats a variant of the following claim twice in a single pensee: "Anyone wanting ampler information about scepticism should look at their books; he will soon be persuaded, perhaps too much so" (131/434).