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Synonyms for ample

Synonyms for ample

large in expanse

having plenty of room

of full measure; not narrow or restricted

Synonyms for ample

more than enough in size or scope or capacity

affording an abundant supply

fairly large

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Risks are greater if the antipsychotic has an ampler D2 blockade, thus higher potential of determining extrapyramidal effects (10, 18).
5 ml) was placed in s eptum capped s ample vial and the s olution was injected by autos ampler with a pres s ure of 0.
The first intended practical contribution of this study is to issue an alert call to managers and practitioners involved in ISDP, aiming to raise awareness of these problems, followed by an ampler and deeper analysis of some critical aspects of the EUR which lie hidden due to political and social taboos in organizations.
For an ampler debate on the censorship and bowdlerization of Shakespeare in the translations issued in Communist Romania, see G.
The knee-length, wasp-waisted dress managed to perform miracles - creating curves for waifs with none and flattering those with ampler assets.
1660-85] in the management of that great and august Enterprise of resolving to Plant and repair His ample Forests, and other Magazines of Timber, for the benefit of His Royal Navy, and the glory of His Kingdoms; but to present to His Sacred Majesty, and to the World, what Advices I have received from others, observed my self, and most industriously collected from a studious Propensity to serve as one of the least Intelligences in the ampler Orb of our Illustrious Society, and in a Work so necessary and important.
In true Victorian style, the Armstrong managers and other senior officers also worked hard, but for them the returns from their efforts were ampler, including comfortable living in more congenial areas.
The author wished to draw an ampler image of the moment from his own perspective, attempting to persuade the reader to construe deeper significations by relying on his telling the story of a life.
This paper represents a starting point for an ampler study related to the way in which the reaction time may become a prediction factor for the karate do athletes' competitive performances.
The producers launched cars with new models with more exclusive design, more complete features and ampler interior all aimed at attracting consumers and increase sales and win competition.
Calls for nonsedentary research include (a) multisited fieldwork whereby "attention is paid to the connections between one locale and others and the ways that dynamics in one co-construct the others" (Gezon, 2010, page 262), and an ampler (b) analytical sensibility to the transfer of practices (and practices of transfer), which involves following actors and technologies as they travel through the interlocal space of urban policy production, including specialty conferences and seminars, trade fairs, and commercial/exchange delegations (Gonzalez, 2010; McCann, 2011a; 2011b).
However, we admit that our hypothesis in this work must be interpreted with caution mainly for two reasons: (1) because a comprehensive phylogenetic hypothesis should rely on an ampler array on nuclear and plastidial DNA markers.
Each image wants something from you" and the distance of the tourist from things, places and images triggers an ampler artistic effort.
The entitlement was ampler than a specific use right, each "owner" having the right to use and manage the land, to appropriate its fruits and profit, and to exclude non-owners.
She is interested in tracking the effects of what she names "crisis ordinariness," a scene in which our attachment to the promise of certain kinds of objects--the promise of an ampler flourishing, a trajectory toward something other than depletion--itself forestalls precisely that flourishing, keeping us instead bound to the very modes and structures, the very habits of being, that harm us.