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the property of being more than sufficient

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the property of impressive largeness in size

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In order to identify the weeds of the wheat fields in Iran as the most substantial action in weeds management, Minbashi et al [7] evaluated the cultivation of water weat and the ampleness of farms according to land measurement in every township which is located in different provinces in the country.
Thus, the ampleness and diversity of the preoccupations of the field (Belous, 1992; Bartzer, 2003; Chao & Liu, 2000; Chao, 2002; Gherghel, 2003a; Gherghel, 2005; Gherghel, 2006b; Hayashi & Okamoto, 1999; Lilly, 1993; Wang, 2007; Wang & Xiao, 2001; Zhao & Gao, 2007).
Fluidite de la mort, a tripartite and in a sense hybrid poetic collection, offers both short, compact forms and structures of varying ampleness, while Nuit de la substance is an equally tripartite prose of reflection on essential matters: love and pure physiology, the lived approach of death, and the place and the very nature of poetry.
At the same time, his revulsions are at odds with the ampleness of the faith he proclaimed.
In a movie full of fragmented intentions and isolated performances, Ricci's is the one unifying presence: her fleshly ampleness isn't merely a contrast to Gallo's bony stinginess, but a reaction against it.