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the property of being more than sufficient

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the property of impressive largeness in size

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liberty independence autonomy emancipation spontaneity will tolerance acceptance ampleness openness candor expressiveness coexistence equality citizenship guaranties confidence options rights self-determination sovereignty democracy manumission deliverance absolution
The ampleness and the rapid rhythm of informational society's development have implicitly leaded to the development of accounting information's importance and dimension.
"The ampleness of the foreign implication in Syria's conflict will be revealed within the coming days.
* the ampleness of the decrease of railway transport services is greater than that of the personnel number decrease, fact which led to the productivity level.
The Jonsonian record, then, despite its ampleness, does not tell as much as it promises about the man himself.
* the ampleness of decrease of railway transport services is greater than that of personnel number decrease, fact which led to the productivity level.
It is a strange fate that everything I have, of set artistic purpose, laboured to leave indefinite, suggestive, in the penumbra of initial inspiration, should have that light turned on to it and its insignificance (as compared with I might say without megalomania the ampleness of my conceptions) exposed for any fool to comment upon or even for average minds to be disappointed with.
In order to identify the weeds of the wheat fields in Iran as the most substantial action in weeds management, Minbashi et al [7] evaluated the cultivation of water weat and the ampleness of farms according to land measurement in every township which is located in different provinces in the country.
Instead of w-parameter, we call it the total peripheral path-length (PPL), since it measures to some extent the fringe ampleness of the trees.
The sentence is made up of an extended sequence of deictic gestures that point in a staccato rhythm to the appearance of various parts of the jaguar's body--the tautness of the hindquarters, the suppleness of the hind paws, the tranquility of the back, the tension of the muscles, the terrible frowning of the face, the ampleness of the jaws, etc.
Thus, the ampleness and diversity of the preoccupations of the field (Belous, 1992; Bartzer, 2003; Chao & Liu, 2000; Chao, 2002; Gherghel, 2003a; Gherghel, 2005; Gherghel, 2006b; Hayashi & Okamoto, 1999; Lilly, 1993; Wang, 2007; Wang & Xiao, 2001; Zhao & Gao, 2007).
Fluidite de la mort, a tripartite and in a sense hybrid poetic collection, offers both short, compact forms and structures of varying ampleness, while Nuit de la substance is an equally tripartite prose of reflection on essential matters: love and pure physiology, the lived approach of death, and the place and the very nature of poetry.