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Synonyms for amphoteric

having characteristics of both an acid and a base and capable of reacting as either

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Thus, it can be seen that PADA is an amphoteric copolymer consisting of AM, DAC, and AMPS.
Newer Surfactants * Amphoteric surfactants (eg, cocamidopropyl betaine) * Noninic surfactants (eg, cocamidopropyl betaine) * Hydrophobically modified polymers
The exchange reactions may take place between the basic and amphoteric oxides since the acid oxides can form with the basic oxides the same complex compounds which are difficult to disrupt (4), (5).
3] is ah amphoteric substance, meaning it can react as either ah acid or base and readily shares electrons with proteins.
The protein hydrolysates were fractionated on the basis of the amphoteric nature of the peptides.
This sixth volume of a multi-volume handbook focuses on the production of anionic, cationic, nonionic, and amphoteric surfactants, builders, sequestering/chelating agents, bleaching and whitening agents, enzymes, and other components of detergent formulations in different contexts.
Prof Robin Ferner, an international expert in adverse drug reactions from City Hospital and a pharmacology professor at Birmingham University, said that the two patients were the first reported deaths in the UK from Amphoteric in and until the tragedies, the drug had not been considered dangerous.
Metalloids are often in the form of an amphoteric oxide (a metal oxide or hydroxide able to react with both a base and an acid).
Product: Chemguard S-111 Amphoteric Fluorosurfactant
Lunenburg's team was sponsored by Tim and Sheila Richards of the Orchard Hills Athletic Club and spelled abysmal, acacia, academia, academic, accelerate, accessible, acumen, adagio, adenoidal, amphoteric, and callisaurus correctly until bumping up against chelate.
The European Commission also concluded that the proposed transaction would not lead to competition concerns since there are only limited overlaps between the two companies' activities on the EEA markets for anionic and amphoteric surfactants (used for the treatment of textiles).
The best opportunities will be found in amphoteric and anionic specialty surfactants due primarily to rising use in the personal care industry.
In most cases, wet end starches are cationic or amphoteric, whereas surface starches are oxidized or hydroxyethyalted.
Chaste tree berry is primarily used for the unpleasant consequences of menses and menopause (premenstrual syndrome and heavy flows) due to its amphoteric or balancing quality.