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an ancient jar with two handles and a narrow neck

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So, I decided (like the little nerd emoji I am) to bone up and find out what these emojis actually mean: Amphora - It looks like a vase but it isn't any old vase, according to Wikipedia.
Fiorentini said he is bringing in another two shipping containers of amphoras this year.
Most of the amphoras Fiorentini has imported hold 500 liters or slightly less than a ton of grapes, but he said he's sold a few 800-liter amphoras to clients in California.
held numerous Etruscan amphoras, basically narrow necked jars, three of which were selected for analysis because they were whole, unwashed (a key point), found in an undisturbed sealed context and showed signs of reside on their interior bases where precipitates of liquids, such as wine, collect.
Some of the jars selected for the study had been stored on shelves for nearly two decades, suggesting that DNA buried within the amphora walls remains viable long after the jars are brought up from underwater.
In an article focused primarily on the amphoras from excavations at Koroni, on the east coast of Attica, she presented the Group B jar as paradigmatic of Rhodian amphoras at about the time when months began to be named on the stamps (the beginning of Rhodian period IIa), and she applied Thompson's terminal date of ca.
In almost every case they seem to be wine-bars as well as wine-shops, since they opened up the amphoras on the premises and sold by the kotyle (approximately half-pint), [GREEK WORD NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] providing also water to blend with the wine.
Artifacts, such as amphoras, surrounding these wrecks indicate that they have not been subject to salvage attempts.
Most of the jars, or amphoras, lay unbroken on the sea floor, and as their stoppers had gone, they were empty.
You can still find bodegas in Extramadura and La Mancha in Spain making wine in clay amphoras, or tinajas, as they are called in Spain.
The normally accepted dividing line between "plain" and "decorated" amphoras is fine, and in part almost traditional.
According to a report in Press TV, Iranian archeologists discovered Sassanid and early-Islamic residential strata as well as a number of intact amphoras used in sea trade during the Parthian, Abbasid and early Islamic eras.
The sequences for lamps, fine wares, amphoras, cooking pots, and plain wares can be clearly established at Corinth.
Painting a single figure on each side of an amphora had been tried occasionally by the earlier red-figure painters in whose workshops the Berlin Painter was trained.