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an ancient jar with two handles and a narrow neck

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The unearthed amphoras are the first of their kind found in Siraf and can provide useful clues about water trade routes," said head of the Siraf archeology team Mohammad Esmaili.
Wine amphoras in ancient Greek trade, in McGovern et al.
Structure, processing, properties, and style of Corinthian transport amphoras, in W.
The wreck was visible as a mound of 60 amphoras in a sandy gully at 42 m depth.
Other pottery included cooking vessels, a hydria, a fine table amphora, eight oil lamps, several black-glazed kantharoi (two-handled cups) and a nested group of four one-handled cups.
Large cargoes of these amphoras were shipped down the eastern Adriatic coast from Croatia, along the modern Montenegrin and Albanian coasts to about Vlore where most traversed westward and rounded Italy into the western Mediterranean," Royal said.
Mediterranean shipping amphoras at Arikamedu, 1941-50, in V.
This provides an explanation for the co-occurrence of torpedoes and some but not all of the Roman amphora types at Katheswar, Nagara and Elephanta.
So, I decided (like the little nerd emoji I am) to bone up and find out what these emojis actually mean: Amphora - It looks like a vase but it isn't any old vase, according to Wikipedia.
Historians were absolutely right to assume that most amphoras contained wine or oil," he says.
There are also earthenware jugs, amphoras, statuettes and tools reflecting the social and economic life of ancient times," Tuna said.
The Iranian archeologists discovered Sassanid and early-Islamic residential strata as well as a number of intact amphoras used in sea trade during the Parthian, Abbasid and early Islamic eras, all referring to the waterway as the Persian Gulf.