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an ancient jar with two handles and a narrow neck

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With later Roman imperial expansion, control of amphora manufacture, like that of wine production, passed to the provinces and was more heavily state-controlled (Will 1992: 263, 267).
The second chapter discusses in detail each main Late Roman eastern amphora group and follows the typology outlined by Riley but also adds to it.
The paper contains a latent image that prevents copies and the release of the paper and details are recorded in the registry maintained by Amphora.
With its acquisition earlier this year from Societe Generale of Affinity, which was originally built by Sempra Energy Trading, Amphora added physical and paper Gas and Power to the class-leading oil solution within its Symphony product.
Rosenberg attributed successful enrollment of the Amphora study to the power of Agile Clinical Development, Health Decisions' award-winning, technology-leveraged approach to running clinical trials based on immediate, actionable information from the field.
Although generally finer and better sorted, the torpedo fabric is otherwise remarkably similar--particularly in the hand specimen--to a well-known amphora fabric used for the production of both Early (Tomber 1998) and Late Roman (LR Amphora 1, Riley 1981: 120) types derived from ultra-basic deposits in northern Syria/eastern Turkey (Cilicia) and southern Cyprus; LR Amphora 1 is recorded from India (Figure 5).
This represents a significant broadening of Amphora's offer to our customers," said David Newton, CEO and President of Amphora.
6-megawatt-hour lithium (Li-ion) battery pack that utilizes lithium iron phosphate, an inherently safe version of lithium battery chemistry, the Amphora project, consists of two containers that house batteries that weigh nearly 20 tonnes each, as well as a third container that turns the direct current (DC) output to alternating current (AC) for the grid.
The 12 papers here discuss such topics as interpreting workshop organization at the potters' quarter of Sagalassos, amphora fragments re-used as potter's tools in the rural landscape of Panskoye, and repair and recycling in Corinth and the archaeological record.
The researchers said that one of the key finds was an amphora (a large jar used to transport oil or wine), which hails from the Greek island of Lesbos.
While Bonifay recognises that additional evidence for both amphora contents and agricultural and maritime installations may change these interpretations, they provide fresh insights into the role of Africa within the Empire.
The bronze pieces are actually different versions of a cup, an amphora (molded in clay, then forged in bronze, and finally covered in makeup by three of Tunga's assistants), and a connective tissue of irregular form that the artist designates as a "catastrophe surface," a term clearly borrowed from chaos theory.
We are excited to give our clients a robust product that handles all aspects of maritime transportation tracking," said David Newton, CEO and President of Amphora.
For this phase of the project, the EECO team is working through PSI and ICRW to understand the barriers and opportunities in Zambia for use of the Women s Condom and the SICLS diaphragm (to be sold in tandem with Amphora gel lubricant).
Through this alliance, WomanCare Global will provide sales, marketing and global distribution for a selection of Evofem's products, including Softcup (TM) and Amphora.