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(classical mythology) a serpent with a head at each end of its body

type genus of the Amphisbaenidae

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Nineteen specimens were infected with at last one helminth species: Salvator merianae (N = 3, SVL = 302.5 [+ or -] 84.6 mm), Enyalius bilineatus (N = 1, SVL = 82 mm), Amphisbaena alba (N = 1, SVL = 480 mm), Xenopholis undulatus (N = 1, SVL = 3950 mm), Chironius fuscus, Linnaeus, 1758 (N = 1, SVL = 771 mm), Helicops angulatus, Linnaeus, 1758 (N = 16, SVL = 423 [+ or -] 201 mm), Erythrolamprus viridis, Gunther, 1862 (N = 10, SVL = 425 [+ or -] 230 mm), Chironius flavolineatus, Jan, 1873 (N = 1) Crotalus durissus, Laurenti, 1768 (N = 1).
Caloneis amphisbaena (Bory) Cleve Calothrix scopulorum C.Agardh ex Bornet & Flahault Catenella caespitosa (With.) L.M.
Though she is an agent, we must note that Clytemnestra is not only linked with female monsters like Scylla or an amphisbaena (Ag.
In this study we will examine the histological anatomy of the oviducts of the brown house snake (Lamprophis fuliginosus), the Brahminy blind snake (Rhamphotyphiops braminus), and the worm lizard, Amphisbaena fuliginosa, to determine if the anatomy of the worm lizard oviduct is more similar to the snakes or lizards.
Figuratively, we can represent this relationship by an analogy between the amphisbaena, the two-headed reptile which eats its own tail, and the chiral repetition of the mirror: through those two examples, one dynamic, the other static, Beckett achieves one and the same effect, that of a dead end.
The narrator even uses the ancient poetic concept of the "amphisbaena," the serpent with a head at either end, to evoke duality in simultaneity.
Two new Caribbean records of parasitic nematodes colected from reptiles in Puerto Rico: Aplectanapusilla in Amphisbaena bakeri and Alaeuris vogelsangi in Iguana iguana.