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small translucent lancet-shaped burrowing marine animal

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The first animal to carry them remains unknown, but gene sequencing shows that a modern day invertebrate known as amphioxus "is most similar to the original spineless creature before the two rounds of whole genome duplication," MacKintosh said.
A cartilaginous rod found in vertegbrate embryos, running between the primitive vertebrates such as the lancelet or Amphioxus.
Pax-Six-Eya-Dach network during amphioxus development: conservation in vitro but context specificity in vivo (author abstract).
The new Chengjiang species have a number of features not seen in amphioxus or other invertebrate chordates.
Off Tankerness on Orkney, the government said that the prehistoric 'faceless and brainless' amphioxus fish was recorded.
The Amphioxus cell line, called C3A, is grown in a laboratory environment.
Along its abdomen, the creature has V-shaped segments that closely resemble the stacked muscle blocks in primitive living chordates such as amphioxus.
A neurotropic herpesvirus infecting the gastropod, abalone, shares ancestry with oyster herpesvirus and a herpesvirus associated with the amphioxus genome.
In January 2000, Incyte announced an agreement with Amphioxus Cell Technologies which provides Incyte exclusive access to a patented liver cell line for the creation of expression databases.
It's a long way from amphioxus, it's a long way to us.
The amphioxus cathepsin-L proteinase was reported to have a possible functional role in the inflammatory reaction in amphioxus (Wang et al.
Nasdaq: INCY), a leading provider of genomic information, and Amphioxus Cell Technologies, Inc.
The number and locations of hox genes and their DNA sequences in a wormlike, seemingly headless creature called amphioxus place this animal as a missing link -- genetically speaking -- between animals with backbones and animals without.
Brigid Hogan and have been patented and licensed exclusively to Amphioxus Cell Technologies, Inc.
The company's operating subsidiary, Amphioxus Cell Technologies, is a cell biology company with a core technology centered around developing, growing, and manipulating cells in the laboratory utilizing its proprietary intellectual property.