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reproduction involving the union or fusion of a male and a female gamete

union of sperm and egg in sexual reproduction

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As well as hermaphrodites, all morphometric characters for amphimictic females, except V and NR, explained the PC1 variability (72.8% of the total) and had a positive and high correlation.
(A) = Hermaphroditic females, (B) = Amphimictic females, (C) = Males, (D) = Infective juveniles.
rossius male produced a sibship with a sex ratio of 23 males:37 females, well in the range of amphimictic B.
The identification of biological species in the genus Heterorhabditis (Nermatoda: Heterorhabditidae) by cross breeding second generation amphimictic adults.
Almost every second clone is unique, a level of variability approaching that of an amphimictic species, the more so if the limited sampling intensity is considered.