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(genetics) an organism or cell having a diploid set of chromosomes from each parent

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Keywords: Amphidiploid, Interspecific Hybridization Barrier, Solanum melongena.
A study of chromosome association and chiasma formation in the amphidiploid between lolium multiflorum and Festuca drymeja.
napus and other two amphidiploid Brassica oilseed species is controlled mainly by two genes (genetic loci) with additive genetic interaction (Chen and Beversdorf, 1990; Downey and Harvey 1963; Getinet et al., 1997; Harvey and Downey, 1964; Kirk and Hurlstone 1983; Luhs et al., 1999).
Chloroplast DNA evolution and the origin of amphidiploid Brassica species.
After pollination, with only the egg cell being fertilized, central cell started dividing before fertilization and formed seed with a haploid embryo and amphidiploid endosperm (Guitton and Berger, 2005).
Ovulo embryo cultured hybrid between amphidiploid Gossypium arboreum x Gossypium anomalum and Gossypium hirsutum.
lolii) resistance from meadow fescue and tall fescue to Italian ryegrass using amphidiploid cultivars has been reported.
One is an amphidiploid, 2n = 18 (14 M + 4 t) between the two diploid types, and is a genomic tetraploid.
juncea are amphidiploid species, which originated from the natural doubling of the hybrids between two of three diploids, B.
Comparative salt tolerances of amphidiploid and diploid Brassica species.