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an association of neighboring states or tribes in ancient Greece

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In conclusion, we must agree with the view that the seven towns listed there (Sanahhuitta, Tapikka, Taptiga, Takasta, Katapa, Karahna, and Hattusa) were responsible for the provisions for a festival at Zippalanda; therefore they formed a kind of amphictyony (the term used by O.
It might seem unlikely that the capital would have been part of Zippalanda's amphictyony.
It was a period in which God not only informed God's people through the commandments and directives from Sinai but, more importantly, formed them into an amphictyony or union of twelve tribes.
It has been suggested that the site functioned in a manner similar to the ancient Greek amphictyony, that is a central shrine serving neighbouring villages (Goring-Morris 2000; Belfer-Cohen & Goring-Morris 2003).
337); an amphictyony or similar institution never existed (p.