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an association of neighboring states or tribes in ancient Greece

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The LXX closely links the term ekklesia to the amphictyony (7) of ancient Israel; the term appears some one hundred times, and always in a secular sense, referring to Yahweh's people in assembly, called together in what would appear to constitute a political relationship.
In conclusion, we must agree with the view that the seven towns listed there (Sanahhuitta, Tapikka, Taptiga, Takasta, Katapa, Karahna, and Hattusa) were responsible for the provisions for a festival at Zippalanda; therefore they formed a kind of amphictyony (the term used by O.
It was a period in which God not only informed God's people through the commandments and directives from Sinai but, more importantly, formed them into an amphictyony or union of twelve tribes.
refers to a second payment of a 1 obol per capita tax on all the cities in the Amphictyony.
membership and votes on the Council of the Delphic Amphictyony were transferred from 'Phocians' to ' Macedones' (Paus.