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an association of neighboring states or tribes in ancient Greece

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The ancient Israelites were not a racial unit but a sacral association, called an amphictyony by some scholars.
It is not that social justice became less important to God in New Testament times, but rather that the Church was in a very different situation from that of tribal amphictyony or theocratic monarchy.
The LXX closely links the term ekklesia to the amphictyony (7) of ancient Israel; the term appears some one hundred times, and always in a secular sense, referring to Yahweh's people in assembly, called together in what would appear to constitute a political relationship.
In conclusion, we must agree with the view that the seven towns listed there (Sanahhuitta, Tapikka, Taptiga, Takasta, Katapa, Karahna, and Hattusa) were responsible for the provisions for a festival at Zippalanda; therefore they formed a kind of amphictyony (the term used by O.
It was a period in which God not only informed God's people through the commandments and directives from Sinai but, more importantly, formed them into an amphictyony or union of twelve tribes.