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an association of neighboring states or tribes in ancient Greece

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For example, he noted that under the Amphictyonic League, each Greek city sent two deputies to the central government, that the members of the League were bound by oath to defend each other, that the central government was responsible for deciding conflicts between the members, had the authority to enforce its decrees with military power, and so forth.
As in the case of Greek amphictyonic councils, the verdict is binding on all parties, and if resisted, the assembly can use various means to make the rebel member return to reason (Cruce 1623: 72).
The Amphictyonic Council of Mexico City in Light of an Unpublished Document (1826-1828)
15) It is Pausanias, in the 2nd century, who relates information about the history of the Amphictyonic League from the earliest times until his own day.
The large number of bed-couches attested in the Delian inventories (102 in the Amphictyonic Group A and 60 in Chalkotheke Treasure B) is interesting.
The earliest documentation of poisoned drinking water referenced is from Greece in 590 BC, when hellebore was used to poison the water source of the city Kirrha by the Amphictyonic League, causing the inhabitants to become "violently sick to their stomachs and all lay unable to move.
On his accession Alexander convened the Amphictyonic Assembly and he received from it on behalf of Delphi the appointment as commander of the Greeks against Persia (17.