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a metrical unit with unstressed-stressed-unstressed syllables (e

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The siciliano-like dotted rhythm that pervades this setting derives naturally from the amphibrach rhythm of the words throughout--"a pretty a day," "to flower an hour," "some limber and lithe," "but lucy could learn and lily could pray." The unaffected, idyllic New England morality that laces itself through the poem is matched by the calm, triplet flow of the music, with its largely diatonic B-flat major harmonies.
In the line 'All the completion I of my infructuous | impulses' (II, 53), for example, each noun is trisyllabic, and the first two are self-standing amphibrachs (trisyllabic feet with a stress in the middle syllable), whereas the last foot is dactylic.
The final line, accordingly, seems to become a series of amphibrachs, the final one, a catalexis that shifts the initial absence to the end: "Hath mel ted | like snow in | the glance of | the Lord." The double unstressed syllables are supple, drawn, in each model, to one stress over the other, signaling a difference between the two.
Scott's 'phrasal analysis' reveals a veritable zoo of amphibrachs, amphimacers, and antibacchic feet by dividing the line thus:
In the first stanza, after two anapaests at lines 2-3, two amphibrachs (lines 4-5), the lines of the child, are interrupted by a choriamb (line 6), which serves to install the amphimacers of the worn dressing-gown (lines 7 and 9).
Coleridge writes the eleven-year-old Henry Gillman that he should learn iambs, trochees, spondees, pyrrics, amphimacers, and amphibrachs with the diligence he applies when learning his cyphers from a multiplication table (SWF 2.1217), and to his own son Hartley likewise he had earlier given painstaking instructions in the subtleties of verse in "Lesson in English Prosody" (1807; SWF 1.201-7).