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a metrical unit with unstressed-stressed-unstressed syllables (e

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Just to reiterate, the amphibrach here is not a metrical foot but a rhythmic movement.
This stanza begins with a stressed Hence, followed by a comma, creating an opening trochee; the rest of that line and the first foot of the next are a subordinate clause, with the comma following the amphibrach of "From heaven," creating a second pause.
He justifies all his formal changes by the actual transformation of the way of being in a new society: "It is hopeless," Mayakovsky notes, "to shove the bursting thunder of the Revolution into a four-stress amphibrach, devised for its gentle sound
In the line 'All the completion I of my infructuous | impulses' (II, 53), for example, each noun is trisyllabic, and the first two are self-standing amphibrachs (trisyllabic feet with a stress in the middle syllable), whereas the last foot is dactylic.