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an ambiguous grammatical construction


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However, its roles may be amphibolous, since evidence has been found supporting its relationship with both anti- and pro-apoptosis.
Wolfson, "The Amphibolous Terms in Aristotle, Arabic Philosophy and Maimonides," Harvard Theological Review 31 (1938): 151-73; Stephen Menn, "Avicenna's Metaphysics," in Interpreting Avicenna: Critical Essays, ed.
Yet, though now all was plainly revealed, so near to eye I could examine the very texture of her flesh (not young, but supple, knowing), espy in her shaking and squatting and twisting the subtlest of amphibolous meanings, could decipher her little grunts and wheezes and read her hands' scribble down the trembling volumes of her hams and thighs, it seemed the more I saw, the less I saw.
These references are notable in their continued oppositional locutions of the color complex, but also for the introduction of the amphibolous nominal, "looks," in the Elder Brother's rewriting of the source of these figures' power.
Like John Felstiner's fine work, Translating Neruda, future translations/interpretations of Levinas may constitute a genre of their own, transmitting to the reader, along with the "result," the he uristic chronicle of all the exquisite verbal adjustments, heroic hesitations and haunting doubts that help preserve the essentially amphibolous character of living thought.