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an ambiguous grammatical construction


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Relying on poetic Ovidianism for pathos, on moral Ovidianism for emotional detachment and cool analysis, these mythological comedias have a highly ambiguous impact, which concurs conspicuously well with the sketched amphibology of the tragic comedia.
While in both the Politica and the Monito et Exemplo, Lipsius clearly struggled to bridge a burgeoning gap between the morally good and the politically useful, his argument favouring deceit, nevertheless, shared an elective affinity with Catholic and particularly Jesuit moral teaching concerning the circumstances governing mental reservation and equivocation or amphibology. The Augustinian canon lawyer, Martin Azpilcueta had first explained that it was morally permissible to respond to an interrogator ambivalently or with mixed speech (orotio mixto) partly in words but also with mentally reserved (mentolis restrictio) additions not articulated.
In looking for fallacies of ambiguities no problems in the use of amphibology, emphasis or composition were found.
But the interest of Poggeschi's case goes beyond the sociology of literature and touches my subject more directly, as shown by the amphibology of the title of that already quoted little book.
This is precisely Lelia's conundrum: she does not know what to make of Henry's face, whether to read it as true to his being or as a cover, as either "truth" or "show." Conveying this hermeneutic and emotional ambivalence, her "poem" puts forth both interpretations by portraying Henry as "sentimentalist" and "anti-romantic," "emotional alien" and "great in bed," "stranger" and "follower." But it is the very impossibility to pinpoint Henry, to read his legend unequivocally that ultimately tilts the balance and adjudicates (while further complicating) the amphibology by "seeing" the face's other, "true" face--the face as "ploy" and "mask." Consequently, Lelia's text closes with a charge.
because of its nature as amphibology, language 'is already scepticism.' As such, scepticism works constantly to question and interrupt philosophic thought.
Again by his own account, Derrida did nothing else, and to this amphibology, to this ambiguity of location, identity, and language, he dedicated his life and work.