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a metamorphic rock composed chiefly of amphibole and plagioclase

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These metasedimentary rock is a metamorphosed extrusive mafic volcanic of calc alkaline affinity distinct from what has been deduced for amphibolitic rocks of other parts of the Schist belt of Nigeria.
In the southern metamorphic belt, amphibolite and amphibolitic gneiss with lit-par-lit leucogranite sheets, similar to some components in the Arichat belt, outcrop on Green Island (Fig.
The composition of rocks and their metamorphic grade change rapidly from granulitic or high-grade amphibolitic in the PPZ to mainly medium-grade amphibolitic metasediments and intermediate to felsic metavolcanics, migmatites, and late-orogenic microcline granites in the Tallinn and Alutaguse zones.
Although amphibole-poor soapstone was quarried at BRQ, artifacts from CW were made of a very amphibolitic "soapstone.
The Train Lake Domain is composed of amphibolitic granitoids crosscut by leucogranitic pegmatites that extend across the inferred boundary between the Beaverlodge and Train Lake Domains.
An indirect link to underlying basement rocks is provided by massive and schistose amphibolitic dykes that intrude the Neoproterozoic granites of the Pull and Be Damned Complex as described by Currie (1988).