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a metamorphic rock composed chiefly of amphibole and plagioclase

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The belt is north trending and predominantly west dipping and has been metamorphosed to amphibolite grade.
The VP acoustopolarigrams of the first two faces (1-1' and 2-2') of the SG-23467 amphibolite sample indicate the presence of moderate anisotropy, practically without the influence of LAAA, Figure 4.
Penedo dos Mouros Rock-shelter (Test 1, layer 08): general inventory of the lithic assemblage; two amphibolite flakes from the resharpening of polished tools not included.
Rocks of the Blues Brook Formation are regionally metamorphosed to greenschist facies and grade into lower amphibolite facies in the Whycocomagh Mountain area (Armitage 1989; Campbell 1990; Swanton 2010; Swanton et al.
[16] used the split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB) test apparatus with a diameter of 100 mm and the thin circular copper sheet as a waveform shaper; the amphibolite samples were impacted in axial direction at different speed to test their dynamic mechanical properties in strain rate which ranges from 40 to 150.
Dominant parent rock includes biotite, gneiss, schist, slate, quartzite, phyllite, amphibolite and granite.
In the study area lithological units is outcrops the second to fourth periods, which from old to new are as follows: phyllite, ouartzite, paragneiss, marble, shell, sandstone with tufa, volcanic rocks, crystalline limestone locally with fosolina, metamorphic volcanic and tufa, cherty limestone, phyllite, metamorphic quartzarenite, micaschist, metadolomite, amphibolite, limestone, shale and sandstone, schist hornfels, orthogneiss, granodiorite, oput rock, shale and phyllite sandstone, granite, granodiorite, diorite, dolomitic lime, radiolarit breccia, rodist lime, orbitoline, radiolarat, black and blue marl with limestone, alluvium.
The compact granite and amphibolite, hornblende-schist rocks as exposed on the north-east of Raghunathpur and over the southern side this shear zone are modeled with density varying from 2790 to 2970 kg/[m.sup.3] assuming a granitic basement of density 2670 kg/[m.sup.3] [29].The2-D forward models along these profiles were performed with the GRAVMAG software [30], keeping the above geological constraints in mind.
Metagabbro are porphyroblastic and have been metamorphosed to epidote amphibolite facies conditions [15].
Focal species, community representation, and physical proxies as conservation strategies: a case study in the Amphibolite Mountains, North Carolina, U.S.A.