amphibole group

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a group of minerals with similar crystal structures containing a silicate chain and combinations of chiefly sodium and calcium and magnesium and iron and aluminum

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Phonolite sills Cavities Sill Dikes* Lime Mineral Quarry Upper Lower Rock Cavities Rock stone Aegirine R R Albite C VC C Almandine VR VR Amphibole group C VC Analcime C R VC VR R Anatase VR VR VR VR Ankerite C C R Apatite group VR R VR R Baddeleyite VR ER VR Barite C R C VR Bastnasite series ER ER Biotite group VR ER VR C Brookite R R R Calcite VC VC VC C R VC Celestine C R VC VR Cerussite ER ER Chromite ER ER Cristobalite R R VR Crocoite ER ER Cryolite R R R Dachiardite-Na ER ER ER Dawsonite VC VC VC VC VR Dickite ER ER Dolomite R VR R R C Doyleite VR VR VR Dresserite C C Elpidite VR VR Fluorite VC C VC ER R Franconite ER ER Galena R R R Garronite-like m.
(2000) Fluormagnesioarfvedsonite (sic) Na[Na.sub.2][(Mg,[Fe.sup.2+]).sub.4][Fe.sup.3+][[Si.sub.8][O.sub.22]] [(F,[H.sub.2]O).sub.2]--a new mineral species of the amphibole group. Zapiski Vserossiyskogo Mineralogicheskogo Obshchestva 129(6), 28-35.
Name: For the relationship to members of the anthophyllite series of the amphibole group. Comments: IMA No.
Relationship to other species: It is the second anhydrous member of the amphibole group; the first is ungarttite.
Roberta Oberti (1951-), Pavia, Italy, for her contributions to the understanding of the crystal chemistry of the amphibole group. Comments: IMA No.
0.27][Mn.sub.0.01).sub.[sigma]2.00][([[Fe.sup.2+].sub.2.16][[Fe.sup.3 +].sub.1.11][Al.sub.0.75][Mg.sub.0.55][Mn.sub.0.24][Ti.sub.0.19]).sub .[sigma]5.00][([Si.sub.5.31-][Al.sub.2.69]).sub.[sigma]8.00][O.sub.22 .00][(OH).sub.1.39][F.sub.0.40][O.sub.0.21]].sub.[sigma]5.00] Relationship to other species: A member of the amphibole group.
(1999) Potassicferrisadanagaite (K,Na)[Ca.sub.2-][([Fe.sup.2+],Mg).sub.3][([Fe.sup.3+],Al).sub.2][[Si .sub.5][Al.sub.3][O.sub.22][(OH).sub.2], a new mineral species of the amphibole group (Ilmen Mountain, the South Urals).
As stated in the "Note added in proof" to The First List of Additions and Corrections to the Glossary of Mineral Species 7th Edition (1995), a major revision of the classification and nomenclature of the Amphibole Group has been published in several mineralogical journals.
The classification of the Amphibole Group has been revised by a subcommittee of the Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names (CNMMN) of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA).
2], mon., Mg/(Mg + [Fe.sup.2+]) = 0.5-0.9, forms a series with Tremolite and Ferro-actinolite, Amphibole group, Can.
with Cummingtonite, forms a series with Ferro-anthophyllite, Amphibole group, Can.
(7) In the long (33 pages) section dealing with the Amphibole Group, some of the species names are strangely written.
93-026 A member of the amphibole group Monoclinic: C2/m a 9.792 b 17.938 c 5.3133 [angstrom] [Beta] 103.87 [degrees] Bluish black to black; vitreous; opaque.
92-032 A member of the amphibole group. Monoclinic: P[2.sub.1]/m
These can be structurally divided into two main groups, the serpentine and amphibole groups. The serpentine fibers (mainly chrysotile) are long and flexible.