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a mineral or mineral variety belonging to the amphibole group

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Moore (1986) mentions amphibolitic "blocks" with Na-pyroxene replaced by barroisitic amphibole in some samples.
Amphibole forms of asbestos didn't stimulate those pathways in guinea pig cells, the researchers say.
McDonald et al (34) performed lung fiber analyses on 78 cases of mesothelioma and found that the risk of disease correlated with amphibole fibers (amosite, crocidolite, or tremolite) that were 8.
In the studied rocks, such a texture can be represented by a model in the form of two mutually perpendicular systems of plane-parallel layers, each of which may be formed by systems of planar or chain minerals (mica, amphibole, etc.
The Amphibiolites texture is of the oriented grano-plastic type and green Hurnbland type Amphibole crystals with specific orientation and elongation are seen in their mineralogy composition.
Objective: Our goal was to evaluate the hypothesis that rat models of cardiovascular disease with coexistent Fe overload would be increasingly sensitive to Libby amphibole (LA)-induced subchronic lung injury.
Core and rim compositions were determined for 3 amphibole grains and 3 plagioclase grains in a sample from the pluton (sample GM-2IVD-58).
Typical Machias Seal Island quartz monzodiorite contains strongly zoned plagioclase (50%), about 30% mafic minerals (biotite and amphibole with relict cores of both orthoand clinopyroxene, and 20% interstitial quartz and orthoclase.
And then the alphabetized list, Amphibole Group to Zircon, takes off.
Classification of samples with respect to rock types and alteration stage Rock type Alteration stage Unaltered Smectite/ Mixed Chlorite zeolites layer clay Basaltic Lavas 122 44 22 2 Hyaloclastites 30 21 8 3 Intrusions 24 12 6 Andesites 5 Acid rocks 25 Sediments 2 3 Total 154 122 42 11 Rock type Alteration stage Chlorite/ Epidote/ Total epidote amphibole Basaltic Lavas 42 36 268 Hyaloclastites 6 1 69 Intrusions 30 36 108 Andesites 2 2 9 Acid rocks 11 12 48 Sediments 1 1 7 Total 92 88 509 Table 2.
The iron-formation also hosts amphibole asbestos which was extensively mined in the past.
EPA has removed major sources of Libby Amphibole (LA) asbestos in and around Libby and Troy.
The granite is composed of perthite quartz some plagioclase opaque oxide biotite and/or amphibole and titanite whereas the quartz monzonite comprises perthite calcic oligoclase/andesine quartz and minor amount of mafic minerals similar to those of the granite.