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a mineral or mineral variety belonging to the amphibole group

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Measurements of retail talc products have found amphibole asbestos contamination of those products;
Field features like occurence of these deposits at the contact of arc-related Mirkani granitoids, and the prograde and retrograde mineral assembladges associated with Fe-ores (e.g., olivine, garnet, amphibole, serpentine, epidote) characterize these deposits as Fe-skarn deposits similar to those found world wide.
The oxygen isotope composition ([sup.16]O, [sup.17]O, and [sup.18]O) of handpicked mineral separates of albite, scapolite, amphibole, and quartz was measured at the University of Tubingen using a method similar to that described by Sharp [61] and Rumble III and Hoering [62], which is described in more detail in Kasemann et al.
The L2 lineation is characterized by stretched quartz or quartzofeldspathic aggregates and the alignment of amphibole and biotite that plunges up to 40[degrees] to the NE or SW.
There are signs of cataclasis: shearing accentuated by the orientation of amphibole grains.
Barker's study revealed three main rock types within what he interpreted to be a composite pluton: (1) fine-grained, leucocratic syenite that contains limited amounts of Na-rich pyroxene (aegirineaugite) and amphibole (riebeckite-arfvedsonite) with no nepheline or quartz; (2) medium- to coarse- grained, magnetite-bearing biotite syenite that similarly contains no nepheline or quartz; and (3) coarse-grained, foliated, biotite nepheline syenite that includes the "type variety" of litchfieldite described by Bayley (1892) and the rock type that is found in most petrologic collections (shown in Figure 2).
Collector's Guide to the Amphibole Group covers an important, beautiful set of crystals--the amphiboles--and organizes them in such a way that mineral collectors will understand their properties and structural features.
IMA report--Nomenclature of the amphibole super group.
* Potentially shorter latencies of pleural disease among Libby amphibole (LA)-exposed workers compared with workers exposed to other forms of asbestos (Larson et al.
In accordance with these observations, a variable proportion of interstitial minerals, including clinopyroxene, [H.sub.2]O-bearing phases (amphibole, phlogopite) and other accessory minerals (e.g.
Amphibole is widespread in igneous rocks, can form in a number of tectonic settings, and plays an important role in the magmatic evolution of igneous systems.
Heavy and widespread sulphide mineralization was encountered over the majority of the lengths of all four holes, with sections of massive to semi-massive sulphide concentrations present along with stringer zones in intimate association with heavy amphibole alteration.