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a mineral or mineral variety belonging to the amphibole group

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Crocidolite and Libby amphibole asbestos induced dose-dependent increases in micronuclei in control cells, which were enhanced by XRCC1 deficiency.
2000 vv e know that a caldera resurgence that began during the SEE with conduit opening and alkaline trachytic to rhyolitic magma emission near the caldera margins, initial volcanism was not explosive in nature: magma could reach the surface after complete volatile release through conduit permeable walls, promoting anorthoclase and sanidine nucleation rate increment and amphibole and mica stability reduction, which generated corrosion and opatization borders in mafics.
1995) argued that high U/Pb, low K/U and moderate Ba/Ce support HIMU formation at ocean ridges by metasomatism of small percentage melts that equilibrated with phlogopite, amphibole, and sulfides.
Abbreviations (after Kretz,1983): am = amphibole, bt = biotite, car = carbonate, chl = chlorite, cpx = clinopyroxene, cr = chromite, ep = epidote, hbl = hornblende, ol = olivine, opx = orthopyroxene, pl = plagioclase, qtz = quartz, srp = serpentine, tlc = talc, tr = tremolite, Note: Mineralogy of ultramafic rocks in normal font, mafic rocks in italics indicated with #.
More specifically, do fibers < 5 [micro]m in length have biological activity, and is there differential toxicity between serpentine and amphibole fibers?
65) Clinical information regarding the presence of pleural effusion or ascites, calcified pleural plaques, and/or history of exposure to amphibole asbestos can help suggest this diagnosis in patients with metastatic biphasic lesions to mediastinal lymph nodes.
Typical Machias Seal Island quartz monzodiorite contains strongly zoned plagioclase (50%), about 30% mafic minerals (biotite and amphibole with relict cores of both orthoand clinopyroxene, and 20% interstitial quartz and orthoclase.
phlogopite, amphibole, calcite, and dolomite) with varying degrees of hydration and carbonatization.
In its report, the panel agreed that the amphibole was likely to be more toxic than chrysotile and that fiber sizes of 0.
Based upon the mineral parageneses and chemical compositions of minerals (wet chemical analysis of garnet, biotite, and amphibole monomineral fractions) and the use of different geothermometers and geobarometers, the peak metamorphic conditions in main structural zones of the Estonian basement were estimated (Koppelmaa et al.
2]], gersdorffite (NiAsS), arsenopyrite (FeAsS), and tentatively identified chlorite, amphibole and analcime.
They conclude that studies with higher-quality asbestos exposure assessment yielded higher meta-estimates of the lung cancer risk per unit of exposure and that potency differences for predominantly chrysotile versus amphibole asbestos-exposed cohorts became difficult to ascertain when meta-analyses were restricted to studies with fewer exposure assessment limitations.