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Synonyms for amphibious

relating to or characteristic of animals of the class Amphibia


operating or living on land and in water

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combat forces over harsh terrain, both off-road and amphibiously.
Navy's emphasis on improving its surge capabilities, landing troops amphibiously, and supporting them indefinitely from the sea proved critical to sustaining the relief effort across the region and in saving lives.
For this creature, thought to have died out with the dinosaurs, was one of those prehistoric fish, which, inching out of the sea upon four stumpy, fin-fashioned legs, and tentatively gulping in air, amphibiously conquered dry land -- to evolve over the aeons into reptiles, birds, mammals and, ultimately, man.
Doyle was a distinguished veteran amphibious officer, arguably the most amphibiously experienced serving senior officer.
He insisted that not one but two amphibiously experienced regiments be employed for the Inchon landing, resulting in the withdrawal of the 5th Marines from the Pusan perimeter in time for the assault.