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Synonyms for amphibious

relating to or characteristic of animals of the class Amphibia


operating or living on land and in water

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The passage hinges on appropriately in the middle, which functions amphibiously in ethical and aesthetic contexts.
French dreams of restoring the Stuart monarchy in Britain, supporting Jacobite risings in Scotland, and pursuing colonial ambitions in Canada, the Caribbean, and India all rested on the ability to protect sea lines of communication and project power amphibiously. Again and again, French maritime ambitions were crushed by the power of the Royal Navy, with only the Virginia Capes action translating into strategic success of the first order--decisive support for the American revolutionary cause.
(39.) "In the discursive economy of English torture the body functioned amphibiously, giving truth a basis in material reality that made it susceptible to discovery, while, in the intense subjectivity of its pain, making truth inaccessible to all but the sufferer" (Ibid., 56).
"You're telling me that there's a duck-billed, beaver-tailed creature that lays eggs and lives amphibiously? How can I take that seriously?" Hearing her refute basic biology broke my heart and shattered my faith in humanity.
As 'the economic forces which govern their lives' moved 'amphibiously from land to sea', their occupations shifted accordingly.