amphibious vehicle

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a flat-bottomed motor vehicle that can travel on land or water

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The "Amphibious Vehicle - Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts" report has been added to's offering.
Gibbs Amphibians (Gibbs), in partnership with Madaeen Al Doha Group, showcased high-speed amphibious vehicles Humdinga and Aquada at the Katara Beach.
Christine Phelps) The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force prepares to embark on the USS Ashland in assault amphibious vehicles during KAMANDAG 2 in Subic Bay, Philippines, Oct.
Duck amphibious vehicles are used on sightseeing tours around the world and have been involved in a number of fatal accidents in the past two decades.
Army veterans teamed up to establish a memorial in Italy to the 25 American soldiers who drowned in an Alpine lake when their amphibious vehicle sank during World War II.
Dubai: It looks and drives just like a regular offroader, the only thing the amphibious vehicle Panther does differently is that it glides on water as well as takes on dunes.
Crew members had to abandon the amphibious vehicle overnight and it became partially submerged by the tide.
Musabih said the amphibious vehicle carries more than 10 technologically advanced inspection devices.
The amphibious vehicle has been made using a steel frame, and four - 20 liters water cans.
United States-based WaterCar has launched its Panther, an open-top SUV described as the world's fastest amphibious vehicle.
THE world's first highspeed amphibious vehicle will go on sale next month, according to its creators.
When the amphibious vehicle, the Arktos Craft, is on the job, say evacuating a burning oil, rig, it might move from Arctic temperatures through open flames within minutes.
unveiled its amphibious ''Sky Duck'' tour bus in a trial run Monday at Wakasu Kaihin Park in Tokyo's Koto Ward, as it announced what it says will be Tokyo's first amphibious vehicle sightseeing tours.
Left: This Crayford Argocat amphibious vehicle was available for hire from a Denbighshire company in September 1989.
But it's not all about business; he has also set a number of world records, including making the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a hot-air balloon and making the fastest crossing of the English Channel by an amphibious vehicle.
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