amphibious landing

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a military action of coordinated land, sea, and air forces organized for an invasion

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It is a mobile platform specifically designed to attack enemy forces attempting to make an amphibious landing.
Brandolini was assigned to the 4th Marine Division when it was deployed from the States for its first amphibious landing, at Roi-Namur in the Marshall Islands on January 31, 1944.
Amid souring relations between the United States and the Philippines, the two countries announced that they were scrapping a planned joint amphibious landing exercise, according to a report published Monday by ( Stars and Stripes.
TOKYO, Oct 31 (KUNA) -- Marines from South Korea and the US kicked off an amphibious landing operation along the eastern coast amid Pyongyang's evolving threat, the Seoul-based Yonhap News Agency reported Monday.
Arriving of Turkey to attend the "Efes-2016 United Common Drill with Real Shootings" soldiers from the armies of The United States, Poland and Saudi Armed Forces are taking some training on the "amphibious landing"
Their troops will also simulate retaking an oil-and-gas platform and practice an amphibious landing on a Philippine beach.
The Prime Minister, who will join counterparts from European Union nations and Turkey at a summit in Brussels, announced that the Royal Navy was deploying amphibious landing ship RFA Mounts Bay as part of the Nato deployment.
The UK will pledge military assets, including the Navy's amphibious landing ship RFA Mounts Bay, to help a Nato mission tackling people-smugglers in the Aegean.
McArthur orchestrated the amphibious landing at the Battle of Incheon in September 1950 which helped turn the tide in favour of UN-led forces against the invading North Koreans.
[USPRwire, Mon Nov 16 2015] Market forecast for the global amphibious landing crafts until 2019.
TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Amphibious Landing Craft market to grow at a CAGR of 0.13 percent over the period 2013-2018.
TEHRAN (FNA)- South Korea and the United States began a large-scale amphibious landing drill on Thursday amid heightened tensions on the peninsula.
Muscat, Oct 28 (ONA) The Sultan's Armed Forces (SAF) today executed demonstration of the joint naval exercise "Cougar" by a successful amphibious landing. The joint naval exercise is being carried out by SAF from October 22nd to 31st with participation of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom (UK), currently visiting the Sultanate.
These World War II vintage amphibious landing craft have been incredible workhorses, but now, 68 years on from the end of the war, it is surely time to consign them to the museums they clearly belong in.
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