amphibious assault

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an amphibious operation attacking a land base that is carried out by troops that are landed by naval ships

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USS America is the future of the Navy, being the first step in the incremental development of the amphibious assault ships.
The early industry involvement contracts were awarded to US shipyards that have the facilities and resources to build a large-deck amphibious assault ship without major recapitalization.
The flotilla will get small-size missile ships Grad Sviyazhsk and Uglich by summer and three Serna amphibious assault ships by spring, the spokesman said in a statement on Saturday.
The same goes for a portion of the existing fleet of Amphibious Assault Vehicles, said Manny Pacheco, spokesman for the Marine Corps' Advanced Amphibious Assault program office.
TRAINING: Royal Marines prepare to move during an exercise on the beach at Braunton Burrows in Devon as part of trials for the former aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious, inset, in its new role as an amphibious assault ship.
NASSCO is the prime contractor for all homeport repair work for San Diego-based amphibious assault (LHA/LHD) ships, dock landing ships (LSDs), amphibious transport ships (LPDs) and frigates (FFGs).
The Navy's first purpose-built amphibious assault ship -- Iwo Jima-was laid down on 2 April 1959.
Gates also said about 400 Marines were sent in support of the amphibious assault ship, but expressed caution about the possibility of military intervention in Libya.
The army has an IBG, the 340 Independent Infantry Brigade under Jodhpur- based 12 Corps, for amphibious assault operations.
The two presidents will discuss Russia s interest in buying a 21,300-tonne amphibious assault ship from France -- a sale which has alarmed Washington and NATO s East European allies.
In the Mediterranean, at Normandy, and across the Central and Southwest Pacific in World War II, amphibious assault was the "cutting edge of strategy," the key to "planning and decision at the operational level," and dependent upon tactical decisions for success or bloody failure.
First published in 1995, and now available in a new paperback edition, Utmost Savagery: The Three Days of Tarawa tells of America's struggling amphibious assault on a seemingly invulnerable Japanese island fortress of scarcely three hundred acres.
The vessel is the second of two Amphibious Assault Landing Platform Dock ships replacing the recently paid-off HMS Intrepid and HMS Fearless.
INS Jalashwa, a newly acquired amphibious assault ship from the United States, arrived at Visakhapatnam, a port city in southern India's Andhra Pradesh State, according to a government statement Thursday.
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