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Synonyms for amphibious

relating to or characteristic of animals of the class Amphibia


operating or living on land and in water

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However, he said there were emphasis areas which essentially award extra credit in the event that two competitors meet stated requirements equally and the emphasis areas focused primarily on amphibious swim capability.
Fitted with 10 sophisticated inspection gadgets and equipped with the latest technologies to work both on land and in water, the amphibious vehicle is able to detect, scan, analyse and document the illegal materials that can be found in ships docked at Dubai Creek, before sending the results to the main control room at Dubai Customs for a follow up.
However, new safety protocols are currently being drawn up to govern the operation of amphibious vehicles used for tours, potentially paving the way for Duckmarine-style vehicles to operate again if they pass the new standards.
Bold Alligator 2014 was designed to strengthen the Navy-Marine Corps team's core amphibious abilities and revitalize the blue-green team as "fighters from the sea," said Thebaud, who led Bold Alligator's multinational, maritime force, including 11,000 personnel and 13 ships from four countries.
This scenario is emblematic of the Navy's shortfall of amphibious ships, but it is just one of many examples, said Marine Corps Maj.
Ingalls Shipbuilding has been constructing large-deck amphibious ships for nearly 50 years, and this contract will build on our company's knowledge and experience to implement cost-saving measures to help the Navy reach their affordability goals," said Ingalls Shipbuilding president Brian Cuccias.
The amphibious technology was patented by New Zealand-based amphibious boats manufacturer Sealegs Internationals and was sold to Asis, said a statement.
The fire raises fresh concerns over the safety of amphibious vessels, coming after two separate incidents in Albert Dock on Merseyside when so-called "yellow duckmarines" sank and tourists had to be fished from the water.
Purchase of the Sirocco 12,000-ton vessel was delayed through 2012 and this year as the Chilean navy considered various options for equipping Chile's year-old Amphibious Expeditionary Brigade.
They (Japan) want to greatly increase their amphibious capability," Simcock said.
Cllr Anderson said: "In Wales, where 60% of the population lives coastally, amphibious houses can be designed to float during temporary flooding.
The flotilla will get small-size missile ships Grad Sviyazhsk and Uglich by summer and three Serna amphibious assault ships by spring, the spokesman said in a statement on Saturday.
We are wont to identify amphibious operations with amphibious assaults, especially those executed during World War II, when the assault was refined to a high art.
The Stiletto is unlikely to be procured as a series of vessels as it has been used solely as a test bed, however it may well prove some important technologies that the navy can spin out into future designs of amphibious support vessels.
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