amphetamine sulphate

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a sulfate derivative of amphetamine that is used as a stimulant for the central nervous system

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Northumbria Police officers seized amphetamine sulphate with a street value of about pounds 100,000, cannabis valued at pounds 80,000 and around pounds 20,000 worth of cocaine.
He faces a second charge on that date of possession of Class B drug amphetamine sulphate.
Dubliner Gerard Mooney was arrested last month while driving a lorry near Oxford that was allegedly found to contain 70kg of amphetamine sulphate, a drug commonly known as Speed.
Prosecutors say his house was searched and amphetamine sulphate with a street value of pounds 3000 was found.
They discovered three kilos of amphetamine sulphate concealed in two boxes of washing powder in his boot.
The dog walker alerted police who confirmed the bags contained amphetamine sulphate.
Harrison, who had been starting a new programme of re-integration into the community when he escaped to Holland, set up a business in Amsterdam buying cannabis resin, ecstasy and amphetamine sulphate from a Dutch drugs baron.
The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed that Southall has been charged with possession of the class B drug amphetamine sulphate with intent to supply.
William Stirrat, 56, was given six years in jail over a PS500,000 amphetamine sulphate raid.
At the time Stone was under a community order imposed two months earlier by Kirklees Magistrates' Court in Huddersfield for possessing amphetamine sulphate with intent to supply.
He said: "They found drugs paraphernalia, cocaine and amphetamine sulphate." The court heard police also found PS200 in cash in the defendant's pocket and PS90 secured in a safe upstairs in his house.
Amphetamine sulphate paste was produced from a base liquid by means of a chemical reaction.
Seven ounces of amphetamine sulphate worth pounds 1,800 was also discovered JAILED: George, top, and David Charlton along with pounds 60,000 in cash, an air rifle and a hoard of Rolex watches and a plasma television.
The three-year-old dog discovered the drugs, believed to be amphetamine sulphate, concealed in bags and hidden in undergrowth in the Blackmill area of Bridgend.
More than 50 kilos of heroin and 13 kilos of what is thought to be amphetamine sulphate were recovered, as well as two handguns.