amphetamine sulphate

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a sulfate derivative of amphetamine that is used as a stimulant for the central nervous system

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We were on a boat floating down the Thames, sharing my bag of amphetamine sulphate.
There may well be a case for distinguishing between amphetamine sulphate, ecstasy and methamphetamine (including crystal methamphetamine) based on these criteria.
In a third separate raid, pounds 400,000 worth of temazepam, cocaine and amphetamine sulphate - nicknamed speed - were seized from a house in Garthamlock, Glasgow.
Police confirmed that as part of the exercise a number of packages of amphetamine sulphate were stashed around the room and in pupils' belongings.
Cannabis was never my thing, but for a few years in my early 20s I had a sweet tooth for amphetamine sulphate - rough kiddie coke.
Almost as full of beans, pop, crisps, chocolate drops and amphetamine sulphate as the Vauxhall VX 220 Turbo.
The raid followed an investigation into an alleged ring which was producing ecstasy and amphetamine sulphate, using an isolated farmhouse as cover.
In the June raid, officers found Sheavils had a clutch of three rare goshawk eggs and later discovered four goosander eggs and a quantity of the class B drug amphetamine sulphate.
Adifax, which is widely prescribed by GPs, is chemically similar to amphetamine sulphate - known as "speed" - and can cause mood swings, insomnia, headaches and drowsiness.
Found in the search were two bags of amphetamine sulphate hidden under the fireplace in the living-room and a further 10 bags of the same drug hanging from a tree near a fence.
Items seized at one property included a small quantity of amphetamine sulphate, as well as pirate film and music products, and in another house a quantity of suspected stolen X-Box machines were confiscated.
A MAN has been charged with supplying drugs after amphetamine sulphate with a street value of pounds 100,000 was seized from houses in North Tyneside.
It's true I never went to Oxford - I was at the University of Life, mate - and that Blair never made it to the Roxy club to share amphetamine sulphate with me and the Sex Pistols.
The raid followed an investigation into an alleged ring which was said to be producing ecstasy and amphetamine sulphate.