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Synonyms for amphetamine



Synonyms for amphetamine

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His partner Corrine Yates, 42, of the same address, who suffers ill-health, admitted possessing amphetamine for her own use.
8kg of amphetamines said to be worth PS506,700 "if cut to its usual purity".
FSL report has denied that the sample given by Delhi police is Amphetamine.
Investigators say the two crime groups wanted to manufacture amphetamine in the North-east - and police believe that at some point Hartlepool became home to a functioning amphetamine laboratory.
admitted that he had provided people with methamphetamine and amphetamine for free.
A WOMAN has been given a suspended jail sentence after police found amphetamines in her flat.
The family is moving forward and got himself involved in amphetamine," he said.
A few days later Middleton met Ferrell at in St Lawrence Road, Byker, and Ferrell was seen to remove a holdall containing amphetamine from his vehicle and pass it to Middleton who drove away in his van.
When this result was reported back to the clinical laboratory at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a new question arose: Was the patient taking a designer amphetamine rather than the amphetamines included in the standard GC-MS screen?
With "busy" rats, who were more willing to solve the laboratory puzzles presented to them, coffee and amphetamines made them less active.
The true pathophysiology of myocardial infarction following amphetamine use seems to remain unclear.
More than 30 years ago, researchers discovered that methamphetamine and its metabolite amphetamine can harm brain dopamine neurons in animal testing.
A MAN whose adult life has been blighted by amphetamine was jailed for two years yesterday for possessing drugs with intent to supply.
Frequent amphetamine users were more likely to be in full-time employment than the general population (67% versus 51%).
Male rats chronically exposed to 5 or 10 mg/kg ATR in the diet for 6 months exhibited persistent hyperactivity and altered behavioral responsivity to amphetamine.