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Synonyms for amphetamine



Synonyms for amphetamine

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Both men were taken to hospital in separate incidents, and are believed to have taken amphetamine purchased from the Horden area, near Peterlee.
In that instance, Taiwan helped Indonesia crack the case, resulting in the seizure of one metric ton of amphetamine being smuggled into the Southeast Asian country from China.
We would reiterate that these figures are reflective of that excellent police work and not as a result of a sudden surge in the use of amphetamine in the Northumbria force area.
Colin O'Gorman, 38, of Highfield Crescent, Rock Ferry, charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine, amphetamine and cannabis.
The latter greatly enhances the former's psychoactive properties, making the codrug a powerful amphetamine, according to scientists from the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, who published their findings in the journal Nature on Wednesday.
The encapsulated preparation contains 3 MAS beads: an immediate-release amphetamine salt bead, a pulsed-delayed release bead, and an extended-release bead (Figure 1, page 34), which give rise to a unique pharmacokinetic profile (Figure 2, page 35).
1] Link shows that both amphetamine and methylphenidate produce deficits in striatal dopamine markers after treatment, but that the markers recovered in methylphenidate-treated mice but not amphetamine-treated ones (indicating something reversible in methylphenidate but possibly not amphetamine).
At Warwick Crown Court she pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply amphetamine and producing cannabis at her home.
Mr Roberts asked if she remembered asking him to contact a dealer to get amphetamine on the way to school that morning, and arguing with him because the dealer was not there because she wanted more speed.
This mixed amphetamine is the generic version of Adderall XR (mixed salts of a single-entity amphetamine product) Capsules, CII, added the company.
She said the car was driven to a house in Swansea where they were supplied with a black bin bag containing just under a kilo of amphetamine paste by Dean Roberts, 26, of Heol Elfed, Llansamlet, and Stephen Llewellyn, 45, of Clos Ysgallen, Llansamlet.
According to sources, FSL report has said that it is not Amphetamine.
27 -- Saudi prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz and four others were detained on Monday in Lebanon in the largest drug bust in the history of the Beirut airport, seizing two tons of amphetamine Captagon pills and some cocaine, before they were loaded onto the private plane of a Saudi prince according to a security source who told AFP.
invited four friends to the waitress' birthday party and provided them with methamphetamine and amphetamine for consumption in October 2013.
Hail: MD AL-SulamiSecurity authorities thwarted two separate attempts to smuggle more than 22 million amphetamine tablets worth an estimated SR1 billion across the King Fahd Causeway, Maj.