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Synonyms for ampere

a former unit of electric current (slightly smaller than the SI ampere)

the basic unit of electric current adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites

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O artigo foi dividido em quatro partes, sendo a introducao; os materiais e metodos; os resultados e discussoes que se subdividiu em duas etapas, na primeira apresenta-se uma discussao sobre o conceito de rede urbana, a fim de permitir um entendimento da fundamentacao teorica utilizada no trabalho e na segunda desenvolve-se a analise sobre a insercao de Ampere na rede urbana, apresentando a discussao sobre a genese e a evolucao das industrias instaladas, com analises comparativas, possibilitando um entendimento de como a dinamica do setor industrial contribuiu para a complexidade da rede urbana de Francisco Beltrao e possibilitou a Ampere, uma cidade local, inserirse em mais de uma rede urbana; finalizando com as consideracoes e referencias.
The frontrunner in this race to redefine the ampere is the single-electron pump (SEP).
Tanfield will concurrently launch the Ampere in North America as well.
Ampere balances have been in use for nearly a hundred years, but suffer from serious shortcomings.
They are available in different ratings from 15 to 30 amperes.
At GESS 2014, Worklogix and Ampere displayed the most sophisticated and often claimed as the best Language Lab Listening Stations and Discussion Systems from Ampere, Japan.
BEIRUT: The Energy Ministry said Thursday the fair price of electricity provided by private generators for December is LL390 for every hour of power supply for customers who receive 5 amperes, and LL820 for 10 ampere subscriptions.
These controllers seek to maintain a constant ratio of the phase voltage to phase amperes.
A legend marking provides visible indication of the fuse's ampere rating, making it easy to identify and track inventories.
Tenders invited for True-rms ac/dc clamp meter for 1000ampere ac and dc currentmeasurement, expandable to 2500ampere ac using a flexible currentprobe suitable for measuringawkward sized conductors as perspecifications below:nulla)measurement capability: 1000 ampere ac and dc, expandable to 2500 ampere ac,1000 v ac and dc,500 hz frequency, 60000 ohm resistance,1000 micro-f capacitance.
1 nema 5-20r input outlet (straight plug receptacle) with "t" slot receptacle to also accept nema 5-15p plug; 20 ampere circuit breaker; fits all standard 19" rack space, functioning as a combination power switch/circuit breaker.
40 ampere, 5000 volts, non-reactive type, for use with g.
As this molecule shuttled back and forth between the electrode tip and the conductive disk, the researchers detected a current of less than a trillionth of an ampere.
At times, when the satellite, the shuttle, an d the ionosphere formed a complete circuit, the tether generated as much as half an ampere of current.