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the strength of an electrical current measured in amperes

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With over 90 fuses in a variety of amperages, Del City has the latest in the circuit protection market.
This innovation controls the initial volume of current, regardless of welding amperage, during the first few milliseconds of arc initiation to ensure positive arc starts.
Using the Syncrowave 250 DX's digital meters, Troutman limits his maximum welding amperage to 170 amps for the thinner frame tubes and 200 amps for the thicker head tube.
Cree's recent innovations in device design and commitment to continuous process improvement are allowing us to offer significantly higher amperage ratings at lower cost per amp.
Dependent on amperage ratings, the parts are available in standard or fully-isolated TO-220 and standard TO-247 packages.
With over 90 fuses in a variety of amperages, Del City offers fuses that can be used in any market that use electrical energy, from consumer electronics to automobiles, commercial vehicles and industrial equipment.
Worldwide DC-DC Converter Modules and ICs Forecasts; Application, Amperage, Wattage, Isolation, Input Voltages, Output Voltages, and Converter IC Trends , Tenth Edition
Worldwide DC-DC Portable Power Converter IC Forecasts Applications, Amperages, Products and Competitive Environment.
Worldwide DC-DC Converter IC Forecasts: Applications, Amperages and Emerging Applications - Eleventh Edition
Chargers designed for high amperages with the non-destructive, ultra-fast technology incorporated can easily attain a charge time reduction of 80 percent.
With multiple amperages in three designated computer rooms located throughout the building, C&R required a power distribution solution that would help them install the latest technology and equipment without affecting the aesthetic value of the architecture and interior environment.
The EPTI rapid-charging technology also is applicable for batteries in a range of voltages, amperages and chemistries, including nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries.
1) Estimates are provided for the potential worldwide market for dc-dc converter modules in units, dollars and pricing from 2006 to 2011, by application, wattage (isolated modules only), amperage (non-isolated modules only), input voltage, and product type.