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the strength of an electrical current measured in amperes

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It also features laser-printed markings that are durable and easy to decipher for fast and lasting identification of approvals and product attributes, including number of poles, trip curve and amperage.
These advantages are: reduced human operator errors in decisions making referring to adjusting amperage and oxygen pressure; adaptability to any real situation by modifying the rules base, low price.
For use in the manufacture of master-batches as well as extruded sheet, films, and other thin-walled structures, the new additives complement Viton Z100 and Z200 by eliminating melt fracture and reducing extrusion pressure, amperage, torque, and die buildup.
The run capacitor lowers the running amperage, which lowers the power consumption and reduces motor watts.
A PD-915R power strip is included to ensure adequate outlets and amperage.
EAST BROOKFIELD - An East Brookfield man who apparently needed more amperage was charged with shoplifting after he allegedly returned a 6 amp charger, paid the difference to upgrade to a 12 amp model and then tried to swap it for a 15 amp off the shelf without paying the additional cost.
Installed in a separate enclosure, the controller displays RPM, percent load (torque) KW, amperage, Hz and output voltage.
The sensor reads voltage and amperage with a few easy keystrokes accessed from a redesigned menu function key.
They feature slimline male bullet pigtail connections that ensure moisture-tight installation and have a low amperage draw.
Each of these units draws amperage and needs to be calculated into the requirements.
Duty cycle is 100 percent at 450 amps/38 volts and output amperage range is 5 to 500 amps and a voltage range of 10 to 38 volts.
Expect to pay $20 to $50 depending on amperage and quality.
Available in 12-28 AWG, the cords can be designed to handle varying amounts of amperage.
Available in 1228 AWG, the cords are customized to handle varying amounts of amperage.
By maintaining an even tension on the belt, this pan ensures a smooth current or amperage draw on the motor.