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the strength of an electrical current measured in amperes

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They create a nice, soft arc at low amperages and a stiff arc on the high end.
It allows the operator to precisely adjust heat input while welding by using a toot or hand amperage control.
Power level forecasts include Wattage (Less than 50 Watt segments: 500W); Amperage (1-=3A, >3-=5A, >5-=10A, >10-=20A, >20-=50A, >50-=100A, >100A); Input Voltage (3.
What's more, output shoots up with the higher loadings at both screw speeds and the same or lower amperage.
Amperage is an indirect measure of the amount of work being performed by the extruder.
To increase the amperage of the system without lowering the voltage, we have to add more batteries.
The fan always is operated at its full load amperage (and static pressure).
We have combined our sensitive magnetic flux sensor and signal processing technologies to enable precise monitoring of high amperage DC motors.
This increased operating amperage, together with the associated reduction in specific energy consumption, has allowed for additional DX Technology cells to be added to Potline 8 which, in turn, will increase the line s production capacity.
The new Precision TIG[R] 225 from The Lincoln Electric Company is said to be the most technologically advanced and widest amperage square-wave TIG welding power source in its class.
lining condition - poor conditions cause a drag effect, thus increasing the muller's amperage needed to turn the sand mix.
When activated by the wearer, 80,000 volts of low amperage electric current pulses just below the surface of the jacket preventing any would-be attacker from contact with the wearer's body.
With this high-efficiency, mid-range amperage alternator, Remy offers customers a comprehensive portfolio of high output products.
The Q-Gun's handle and trigger options, amperage configurations, and simplified consumables are designed to reduce costs.