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Synonyms for amour-propre

a sense of one's own dignity or worth

a regarding of oneself with undue favor

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Moreover, Rawls' Kant-inspired interpretation of Rousseau's concept of amour-propre, as having both an equalitarian meaning, the desire to be recognized by others as an equal and a perverted meaning, the desire to dominate others, show Rousseau to not be inconsistent when arguing that in the society of the social contract, amour-propre is fully realized.
Very interesting in Neuhouser's book is his recasting of Rousseau's analysis of the dynamics of amour-propre in terms of the un-Rousseauian concept of recognition.
Hence, according to Neuhouser, Rousseau's structuring of the theme of amour-propre as a theodicy becomes manifest.
He places amour-propre among the "natural vices: pride, the spirit of domination, amour-propre, the wickedness of man.
Additionally, he selects certain topics for particular attention, with individual chapters on amour-propre, on Rousseau's views about men and women (an especially strong discussion, I think), on Rousseau's treatment of some issues concerning language, and he closes with an extended treatment of Rousseau's religious ideas and views about the role of religion in society (chapters 10-12).
La Rochefoucauld's major contribution to humanity's knowledge of itself was his clear-sighted recognition of the protean manifestations of self-interest and amour-propre.
Continuing her analysis of L'Histoire des Sevarambes, Martin argues that the opposition between amour de sol and amour-propre parallels the difference between the sexes, in which orderly amour de sol is associated with men and disruptive amour-propre with women.
Since the "possibilities of being and seeming to be emerge coincidentally," no "unmediated identities" are possible: We are the creations of relational amour-propre.
But the distinction between amour de soi and amour-propre is not synonymous with the distinction between good self-love and bad self-love.
The difficult bridge between this capital theme and that of amour-propre is constructed as follows: 'the honnete homme is the one whose love of truth enables him to face what lies behind the mask', and whose essential quest is for personal authenticity (pp.
He was sufficiently appreciative not to do damage to that well-known sensitive amour-propre from which writers suffer, while at the same time always able to add some pertinent criticism or unfamiliar piece of information (or suggestion about illustrations - in which, unlike many literary men, he was interested).
Ce spectateur se sent abaisse dans son amour-propre car il aurait voulu lui-meme, deviner la suite de l'action sans l'insistance du realisateur a n'instruire de la suite des evenements.
Catherine's insights into people at the ripe old age of thirteen are impressive: "Je me suis apercue que les hommes n'etaient jamais plus faches que quand on blessait leur amour-propre.
Here he wants to show that a similar problem of eros exists in Rousseau's concepts of amour-propre and amour de soi.
95--Laurence Cooper has offered a well-written, carefully argued, thought-provoking account of Rousseau's understanding of the primitive basis for the natural goodness of civil man and the relation between amour de soi and amour-propre.