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Synonyms for amour-propre

a sense of one's own dignity or worth

a regarding of oneself with undue favor

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Moreover, Rawls' Kant-inspired interpretation of Rousseau's concept of amour-propre, as having both an equalitarian meaning, the desire to be recognized by others as an equal and a perverted meaning, the desire to dominate others, show Rousseau to not be inconsistent when arguing that in the society of the social contract, amour-propre is fully realized.
Very interesting in Neuhouser's book is his recasting of Rousseau's analysis of the dynamics of amour-propre in terms of the un-Rousseauian concept of recognition.
Rousseau's reasoning lies embedded in his view of amour-propre.
15) The only desire that does provide a solid basis for social relationships is amour-propre, which can be translated loosely as pride or vanity.
La Rochefoucauld's major contribution to humanity's knowledge of itself was his clear-sighted recognition of the protean manifestations of self-interest and amour-propre.
Ce spectateur se sent abaisse dans son amour-propre car il aurait voulu lui-meme, deviner la suite de l'action sans l'insistance du realisateur a n'instruire de la suite des evenements.
Once the shop had opened - in a grand two-and-a-half story facade designed to satisfy Westboro's amour-propre - Westboro's downtown traffic woes remained about what they had always been.
Catherine's insights into people at the ripe old age of thirteen are impressive: "Je me suis apercue que les hommes n'etaient jamais plus faches que quand on blessait leur amour-propre.
Here he wants to show that a similar problem of eros exists in Rousseau's concepts of amour-propre and amour de soi.
95--Laurence Cooper has offered a well-written, carefully argued, thought-provoking account of Rousseau's understanding of the primitive basis for the natural goodness of civil man and the relation between amour de soi and amour-propre.