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Synonyms for amount

amount to something: add up to

amount to something: come to


Synonyms for amount

a number or quantity obtained as a result of addition

the general sense or significance, as of an action or statement

a measurable whole

to come to in number or quantity

to be equivalent or tantamount

Synonyms for amount

References in classic literature ?
Micawber has entered the transactions - he calls them transactions - with great form, in a book,' rejoined Traddles, smiling; 'and he makes the amount a hundred and three pounds, five.
It will amount to this: If we have the clue you talk about, I fit out a ship in Bristol dock, and take you and Hawkins here along, and I'll have that treasure if I search a year.
Frances found in this business occupation till tea-time, and then, after I had distinctly instructed her how to make a cup of tea in rational English style, and after she had got over the dismay occasioned by seeing such an extravagant amount of material put into the pot, she administered to me a proper British repast, at which there wanted neither candies nor urn, fire-light nor comfort.
Astor, and, not comprehending the extended views of that gentleman, and his habit of operating with great amounts, he had from the first been daunted by the enormous expenses required, and had become disheartened by the subsequent losses sustained, which appeared to him to be ruinous in their magnitude.
Yes, that is what it really amounts to," said Newman.
She had lost none of her old knack for turning off large amounts of work quickly, but she firmly stopped just short of the point where her milk might be impaired by her exertions.
Very well; probably you are interested in larger amounts.
I thought I had fixed up a little surprise for this occasion, but it don't amount to anything now.
1] There seems to be nothing to hinder their being increased in this country to at least treble their present amount.
There only remained of his fortune the twenty thousand pounds deposited at Barings, and this amount he owed to his friends of the Reform Club.
But now I have forgiven the world for the love of you; now that I see you, young and with a promising future, -- now that I think of all that may result to you in the good fortune of such a disclosure, I shudder at any delay, and tremble lest I should not assure to one as worthy as yourself the possession of so vast an amount of hidden wealth.
Glory be to God, for this means a large amount of work to do.
Notwithstanding the amount of his "bills payable," Mr.
Such an experience gives you a better impression of the loftiness of your spars than any amount of running aloft could do.
At the present moment (August, 1853) there is a suit before the court which was commenced nearly twenty years ago, in which from thirty to forty counsel have been known to appear at one time, in which costs have been incurred to the amount of seventy thousand pounds, which is A FRIENDLY SUIT, and which is