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Synonyms for amount

amount to something: add up to

amount to something: come to


Synonyms for amount

a number or quantity obtained as a result of addition

the general sense or significance, as of an action or statement

a measurable whole

to come to in number or quantity

to be equivalent or tantamount

Synonyms for amount

References in classic literature ?
The whole force amounted to several hundred fighting men, gloomy and exasperated by their late disaster.
Halfacre's bonds, notes, mortgages, and other liabilities, making a sum total that amounted to the odd six hundred thousand dollars; this still left him, however, a handsome paper balance of two millions.
Everything, in short, strengthened my suspicions with regard to the nature of the festival they were now celebrating; and which amounted almost to a certainty.
exclaimed Richard, observing the confusion of The negro, which now amounted to terror.
They were neither of them very rich; their united fortunes had originally amounted to nine thousand Pounds, but as they had always lived on the principal of it, when we were fifteen it was diminished to nine Hundred.
He thus obtained a spheroid, the capacity of which amounted, in round numbers, to ninety thousand cubic feet.
Every debt he owed in the world, including the pawnshop, with its usurious interest, amounted to less than a hundred dollars.
He had certainly seen everything and with each curl of his lip, he declared that it amounted to nothing.
Her public contributions amounted to the sum of 216,000 florins-- a perfect godsend.
Writing out on note paper in his minute hand all that he owed, he added up the amount and found that his debts amounted to seventeen thousand and some odd hundreds, which he left out for the sake of clearness.
Operating profit amounted to SEK 128M (116) On 30 June, the market value of Bure's 15 per cent holding amounted to SEK 734M.
The operating margin for the first half of 2000 amounted to 9.
Order bookings during the second quarter amounted to SEK 343 m.
The operating margin for the first quarter of 2000 amounted to 9.