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He has had wireless telegraphy installed; he has a telegraph office in the house, half-a-dozen private wires, and they say that he spends an immense amount of money keeping in touch with foreign politics.
No amount of money could have purchased for us, in a strange vessel and among unfamiliar faces, the perfect satisfaction and the sense of being at home again which we experienced when we stepped on board the "Quaker City,"--our own ship--after this wearisome pilgrimage.
The small amount of money that I had earned had been consumed by my stepfather and the remainder of the family, with the exception of a very few dollars, and so I had very little with which to buy clothes and pay my travelling expenses.
I soon contracted expensive habits, and began to spend an amount of money that within a few short months I should have thought almost fabulous; but through good and evil I stuck to my books.
The amount of money the barbers get out of a fellow in a year would keep a baby."
"A love like mine could not be concealed from a woman like you," he went on, trying to detach his mind from material considerations such as the business value of the shop, and the amount of money Mr Verloc might have left in the bank.
His views on marriage were not entirely sentimental, but were as duly mingled with considerations of what would be advantageous to a man in his position, as if he had had a very large amount of money spent on his education.
He assured me with intensified solemnity that he bounded; and the sight of the short and muscular Fyne bounding gravely about the circumscribed passages and staircases of a small, very high class, private hotel, would have been worth any amount of money to a man greedy of memorable impressions.
I said it was not the custom in England to confer titles on men distinguished by peaceful services, however good and great, unless occasionally when they consisted of the accumulation of some very large amount of money.
The changes impact everyone in the UK who has a pension but is being particularly felt by high earning NHS staff who find that doing a little bit of extra work that might pay the what they consider to be a small amount of money might lead to a much higher tax bill, a bill that can be many times the amount of money they were paid in the first place.
Overall across the globe, 51 per cent of those who were handed a wallet with the smaller amount of money reported it.
says significant amount of money being lost to UK scams
TAXILA -- Police on Monday claimed to have busted a gang of dacoits who were not only tax return filers but had also donated a handsome amount of money for the construction of a dam by the government.
Speaking of the amount of money from Iran's budget for the construction of Chabahar-Zahedan Railway, Khatibi said that the budget for the completion of this railway has not yet been finalized.