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liquidate gradually


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Pine Tree Townhouses Cooperative, Lawrence, KS--160-unit complex received $2,527,238 Fannie Mae DUS Limited Equity Co-op 10-year loan amortized in 30-years.
The noncompete agreement has a new value that must be amortized over 15 years, regardless of its actual remaining life.
Intangible assets other than goodwill may or may not be amortized depending on their useful lives to the entity: Assets with finite lives are amortized; assets with indefinite lives are not.
The goodwill portion of the purchase price, on the other hand-the portion not based on the target firm's tangible or identifiable, intangible assets, as the Financial Accounting Standards Board defines it-need no longer be amortized.
Should goodwill be amortized in a manner similar to most other assets?
Instead, all package design costs incurred during the tax year are capitalized and amortized ratably over a 48-month period.
Ohio's moderate, rapidly amortized debt burden remains an important credit strength.
9 million was arranged for Lions Head Office Park The loan has a term of 10 years amortized over 30 years;
In general: Previously, based on long-standing case law and IRS rulings, most taxpayers amortized debt issuance costs on a straight-line basis; see Rev.
The combination of FAS 109 and FAS 142 when applied to a taxable deal that involves non-amortized goodwill on the financial statements, but amortized goodwill on the tax return, will result in the recording of a deferred tax liability, writes Jim Bean, a tax manager with California Federal Bank in San Francisco, in a letter drafted by the Financial Institutions Accounting Committee to the Federal Reserve recommending the reconsideration of the treatment of the goodwill capital deduction.
Therefore, the court treated the payment as a modification fee to be capitalized and amortized over the life of the new lease.
99 percent, and all three other monthly payment options are still available: Interest-Only, 30-Year Amortized and 15-Year Amortized.
At the election of the taxpayer, start-up expenditures and organizational expenditures may be amortized over a period of not less than 60 months, beginning with the month in which the trade or business begins.
As an example, he said that the cost of ads in Toledo could end up being amortized in part against revenues from New Zealand.
Argent Mortgage Company, a leading national wholesale mortgage lender, now offers a fully amortized 40/30 loan program that performs like a 40-year loan for the first ten years of the loan term.