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The underlying land, which is not depreciable or amortizable, was valued at $250,000, and the building and improvements were valued at $750,000.
However, if the Government prefers a more narrowly tailored exception to the BEAT for nonrecognition transactions, it could look to a similar restriction in the separate return limitation year (SRLY) rules and provide an exception to the BEAT for nonrecognition transactions made within 12 months of acquiring depreciable or amortizable import property (and a provision providing a 12-month grace period from the date of enactment of the final section 59A regulations for depreciable and amortizable property currently held by the taxpayer) or, alternatively, restricting BEAT application to deductions which exceed the section 362/334 adjusted basis associated with the imported property.
When the election is made, the taxpayer will report interest income from the bond, along with a corresponding line item reflecting a deduction for the amortizable bond premium, similar to interest received as a nominee.
The amortizable parameter for server calculated in the previous part will be used to determine the amortized server costCost_Am_S.
Must basis be reduced by the amount of amortizable premium?
Goodwill is not amortizable but is subject to an annual impairment test, Primary Financial said.
Case in point: a $1.8 million amortizable portfolio with WL offers more cash flow than $2 million in income only.
Many costs to launch a country are one-time expenses, If the initial start-up costs were amortizable over your future business, it would certainly be wiser to seek markets with the potential of more shops instead of less.
As a result, companies and their auditors find themselves pressured to either underestimate the value of their amortizable intangible assets, or to simply attribute them all to "goodwill" and not amortize them at all.
S&P's proposed "core earnings" adjusts net income to include expenses from stock-option grants, restructuring charges from ongoing operations, write-downs of depreciable or amortizable operating assets, pension costs, and purchased research and development expenses.
Total assets reflect the current cost of tangible assets; they have been adjusted to remove assets for which the return is not included in the numerator of the ROA ratio--namely, equity investments in unconsolidated businesses and amortizable intangible assets.
167(a)-3 and on the often obscure distinction between amortizable and unamortizable intangible assets.
Conversely, the landlord has a deferred lease acquisition cost asset amortizable over the term of the lease, including renewal periods, which is usually substantially less than the 31.5 years for depreciation.