amorphous shape

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an ill-defined or arbitrary shape

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"At first I drew a few natural sponges -- amorphous shapes, blobs -- which was the correct thing to do biologically as a marine science teacher.
Already in amorphous shapes are some of the fronts.
From natural to amorphous shapes, and from intricate and labyrinthian lines to stark geometric forms, Hall traces the artist's development.
Even the space becomes irregular: Seating for the audience is off-center, the main set elements are amorphous shapes, and, according to Henrich, "there are no right angles, and nothing is parallel or perpendicular to anything else."
Based on isolated sections of the torn envelopes, these extracted amorphous shapes cleave together notions of representation and abstraction.
His emotional stories pierce the veil of seeming reality to touch the amorphous shapes that lie within.
If it encompasses not just the thin curved lines, but also the general amorphous shapes surrounding them, we could be looking at a broader sheet-like strip, such as a piece of an algal or bacterial mat, similar to pond slime, that had torn off from the sediment surface and twisted over on itself.
Indeed her mysterious motifs and amorphous shapes are grounded in the physical--the human presence in many of her works is at times overwhelming.
On Monday morning, Catherine Stein, president of The Color Council, held a seminar titled "Color and Marketing Trends for Home Furnishings: Rocketing Towards 2000." Stein reviewed the latest European color and style trends in home textiles, furniture and bedding, and translated them into the needs of the American consumer."The new modern is a look back at designs from the '50s, which were based on organic, amorphous shapes from the Art Nouveau period in the '30s," said Stein.
Weiner," the ladies, who come in a variety of amorphous shapes, gather around a bush which has blue leaves to set off their color (green, for envy, presumably) while a flesh-colored blonde, smiling enigmatically, looks out at them through the barred window.
Similarly fragmentary is Regal mit 2 blinden Glass-cheiben aus dem Harz (Rack with 2 Blind Glass Panels from the Harz), 2009, three amorphous shapes made of plaster, wire, and newspaper hanging on the wall like wet rags.
You start off with a soulful head shot of the said Jean Marie and slowly zoom into his eye and, in the manner of that SF movie Fantastic Voyage you drift through a series of amorphous shapes and then into a world populated with his designs for furniture and door handles and other product design.
The amorphous shapes of the Kunsthaus are better than a so-called neutral box which tacitly imposes a strong frame, and the diagonal travelators add some drama, but it remains for the curators and artists to discover ways for the work to interact significantly with the building.