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Synonyms for amorousness

the passionate affection and desire felt by lovers for each other

Synonyms for amorousness

a feeling of love or fondness


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The acceptance of health professionals seems to be developed from the relationship of amorousness established among those involved in the dying process, as indicated by participants P4 and P9.
You may not be able to predict the amorousness or fertility of any given bunny-couple, but get 100 rabbits together in a nice lush thicket without any predators, and you'll be able to guess how many more there'll be a year later with surprising accuracy.
Although Venus is connected to amorousness it has other qualities too, not least, giving us an appreciation of anything slightly naughty.
Less obvious is how this deep responsiveness to the feminine (contributing to a marriage which sabotaged his political opportunities), coupled with an epistolary self which sought "sociability, friendship, and amorousness" (169), defined, rather than motivated, his final religious calling.
This was his way of extending the limits of how to live and think his love: from love of God as pure occurrence between two individuals in the sense of amorousness to love of God as living the law which God imposed on the Jewish people for the sake of mankind.
The mark of Anglo-Saxon or Germanic genius is "steadiness with honesty," which, unless cross-cultivated with Celtic "beauty and amorousness," threatens to produce plainness, ugliness, and ignobility: "in a word, das Gemeine, die Gemeinheit, that curse of Germany against which Goethe was all his life fighting" (78-79).
The climax to his epic catalog of conquests is "Not even you!" in our salad days (14.392), which in normal circumstances might discourage amorousness by reminding the old wife she is no longer the hot babe of yore.
Scribal interpolations show how popular details from the romance tradition, such as Gawain's amorousness, added in the Auchinleck manuscript of the Short English Metrical Chronicle, impressed themselves on readers' memories.
Fournier has embraced his second home with Gallic amorousness, extolling its underappreciated landscapes in press releases and even marrying a Saskatchewan girl.
A fatal disease--tuberculosis, also called consumption--provided a favorite metaphor to represent the destructiveness of feverish emotions, such as pining or amorousness. (110) Intense emotions became a sign of immaturity and were sanctioned by public embarrassment.
His winding of the device allows a justifiable avoidance of eye contact with Christine as he 'turns a blind eye' to her affair; meanwhile the childlike melody issuing from the doll as he excuses her behaviour, dismissing Andre's amorousness as "naive", aids him in his own performance of naivety.
Yet the Virginian errs constantly by verbalizing his amorousness (98; cf.
But he doesn't impart his character's mystical admiration for what David Bevington has aptly dubbed Cleopatra's "holy amorousness." When Enobarbus notes that "the holy priests / bless her when she is riggish," he needs to convey that this spiritual sensuality is too much for the world to bear.