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Is the only answer to these quandaries, a revamped Doctrine of Elect--no matter how odious that may seem to our modern reformist-therapeutic sensibility--that concedes the unbridgeable gulf between incorrigible hard-core amoralists, who are "damned" and beyond redemption, and those, who are "saved" by empathy and conscience?
NEW YORK An Amoralists presentation of a play in three acts written and directed by Derek Ahonen.
Apparent amoralists like Bakunin and CrimethInc collective do appeal to moral standards in their writings that seek to guide and inspire action against hierarchies of class and gender and propose alternatives to the deadening tedium of managed activity.
Berofsky leaves open the possibility of autonomous amoralists, who see their own values as Humean subjective preferences or desires.
(3) This explains the intuitive judgments required by the counterexample-generating recipe, and more generally why various kinds of amoralists are seen as making genuine wrongness-judgments.
Internalists Beware--We Might all be Amoralists! GUNNAR BJORNSSON, RAGNAR FRANCEN OLINDER
With respect to motivational internalism, Shafer-Landau presents cases of amoralists (or at least agents who make a genuine moral judgment, but who are not motivated to act on it), and he responds to common worries about externalism (noting, for example, that several stories are available to externalists to explain the widespread connection between moral judgments and being motivated to act).