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the doctrine that moral distinctions are invalid

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In Section Two, we saw how Wiredu accuses the Marxist system of "ambiguous amoralism," pointing out how this moral apathy and, sometimes an outright rejection of morality, provided fodder for abuse of power in Marxist regimes.
But, like Simone Weil, Pasternak could not accept the Old Testament because it introduces the idea of the "chosen." For Mezhuev, chosen-ness in the Biblical sense must be accepted as a mystery, but a civilization that declares itself "chosen" veers necessarily toward amoralism.
(18) See, e.g., Korsgaard, "Skepticism about Practical Reason," 15; Smith, The Moral Problem, 12, 61; van Roojen, "Moral Rationalism and Rational Amoralism," 499.
He considers Jesus' moral message on proper family relations, associating and identifying with pariahs, forgiveness, and material simplicity; Nietzsche's perspectivism, his genealogical critiques, master/slave moralities, psychological philosophy, amoralism, and proclamation that God is dead; Jesus' understanding of unconditional love and Nietzsche's understanding of the will to power; and Jesus' and Nietzsche's respectively perfectionist and aristocratic visions of the good human life and how to value it.
(13) Mandeville's overt statement that the absence of self-love is the death of progress, also, and even Smith's complication of Mandeville's crude economic amoralism, seem to converge at this point with Hobbes and Locke.
(54) on the other hand, the amoralism of Anglo-American contract law (like the related claim of the no-fault aspect of Anglo-American contract law) is easy to overstate.
John Barrell and Harriet Guest discuss the ideological significance of Mandeville's "economic amoralism" arguing that by the middle of the eighteenth-century a system of reading and evaluating poems had developed in which the discourse of "economic amoralism" could be grafted onto the ethical and didactic concerns of theodicean verse without causing offense.
Waugh had reason to know that beneath the glamour of Lovat's public reputation there lay a streak of strangely mindless, almost wanton, amoralism. It is not beyond imagining that when creating Ivor Claire he incorporated Lovat's bus exploit and horsemanship as nods to the knowing that Lovat shared Claire's dishonour.
We may refer, in state societies, to the moral relativity of kin-based societies, what has been called "situational morality" and "relational identity" and the kind of familial amoralism that occurs as a consequence of state organization of kin-based systems.
amoralism: the Rousseauist philosophy reflects a spiritual indolence.
As demonstrated above, however, the EMS does not champion amoralism and condemns Stalinism.
In November 2008, as the recession deepened, terrorists struck in Mumbai, with their success exposing both the fragility of our security systems and the amoralism of our political elite (as in the visit by the Maharashtra chief minister to the ravaged Taj Hotel, his actor son and the director, Ram Gopal Varma, in tow).
By contrast, anarchists, in response to the deficiencies within mainstream Enlightenment thought, have either embraced amoralism or subjectivism.
He attacked concepts that tended to make literature and art worlds unto themselves, under the influence of those who 'perderam a rota das grandes certezas morais, criaram o amoralismo e a arte pela arte' ['had gone astray from the path of great moral certainties and have produced amoralism and art for art's sake'].
Uneasy with the amoralism of naturalism and with the moralizing of