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pale medium-dry sherry from Spain

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The three main ranges of Harveys Sherries-Classic range: Harveys Bristol Cream and Harveys Medium Dry; Premium Range: Harveys Fino, Harveys Amontillado, Harveys Palo Cortado, Harveys Oloroso and Harveys Pedro Ximenez; and Super Premium Range: Harveys VORS Sherries, won 13 gold medals, 10 silver medals and four bronze medals.
The chalky albariza soil of the area leads to the production of three varieties of grapes, Palomino (used to make all dry sherry), and Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel (used for blending in some Amontillados and Olorosos, and for the sweet dessert styles).
This sherry, which is aged longer than Granny's favourite, Harveys Bristol Cream, is made from a blend of delicate Finos, aged Amontillados and fragrant Olorosos, then sweetened with Pedro Ximenez.
Sweet Amontillados on sale here have been sweetened up with the British taste in mind.
Amontillados start out life as finos, but age with exposure to air, developing a darker colour and dry nutty flavour.
There's the bone-dry finos and salty manzanillas - always served chilled - to the nutty amontillados and rich olorosos.
If you're following the story, then you will suppose that all Amontillados are dry.