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like an amoeba (especially in having a variable irregular shape)


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Marshall, Tanya Latty & Simon Garnier, 'Decision-making without a brain: how an amoeboid organism solves the two-armed bandit', Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Vol.
Both regions are occupied predominately by amoeboid actively migrating cells and lack the organized skeleton and aquiferous system elements.
These ranged from clustered patches of arcuate, amoeboid hyperautofluorescence with variable central hypoautofluorescence to discrete, isolated ovoid areas of hyperautofluorescence of variable size.
At P0, most MLCs in the spiral ligament were in a round, amoeboid shape (Figure 1, A3), indicative of the activated form of MLCs [12].
In animal models of AD, activated microglia undergo a change in morphology, from a typical ramified structure to a more amoeboid morphology.
From 5 to 24 h after LPS injection, the reactive-state, round-shape cells with retracted processes and enlarged body, also referred to as the amoeboid form, can be observed (Figure 3).
Next-generation sequencing of the gill microbiome confirmed that when black gill is at its peak, microeukaryotic communities were dominated by apostome-related ciliates, but over the year highly diverse communities of gill associates, including other potential ciliate, fungal, euglenozoid, and amoeboid parasites are commonly detected.
There are various morphologic forms such as pyriform (Tasca and De Carli, 2003) round, stalked amoeboid and bell-shaped amoeboid.
By adopting an "amoeboid" phenotype, activated microglia produce many proinflammatory mediators, including cytokines, chemokines, reactive oxygen species (ROS), and nitric oxide (NO) [10].
Beil, "Critical review: cellular mechanobiology and amoeboid migration," Integrative Biology (Camb), vol.
When brain homeostasis is disturbed, such as in injury, infection, or obvious alterations of neuronal activity, microglia rapidly transform into an amoeboid morphology, acquire the ability to proliferate and migrate, and secrete inflammatory mediators [6].
Alternatively, tumor cells display a faster movement via so-called amoeboid cell invasion.
Crime in most literature simply portrays itself as amorphous, fluidic and amoeboid in most social science perspectives.
Left, resting/ramified (R) microglia exhibiting thin, highly branched protrusions extending from the cell body; right, activated microglia (A) exhibiting amoeboid morphology with shorter, stouter processes.