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like an amoeba (especially in having a variable irregular shape)


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The amoeboid protozoa found in the intestine, morphologically consistent with Entamoebae, have been described previously parasitizing the intestinal tract of chickens, but their significance is uncertain.
Lack of cob sequence information for amoeboid organisms made the primer design a challenge.
Throughout the study the two most common of the naked cells were identified as Gymnodinium and an amoeboid cell hypothesized to be a life stage of Lingulodinium.
This meant joining a small group of similarly aged young people that would converge with other convening groups into an amoeboid mass that would then roam the corridors and concourses for hours.
Outstanding contributions by the Batsheva company included Yossi Yungman's And the Body Present, in which he emerges from amoeboid form, moves fluidly through life's fleeting vicissitudes, then returns to formlessness at the other side.
The drug, which contains tannins and alkaloids, is anthelmintic and amoeboid [6].
London, Dec 29 (ANI): Amoeboid yellow slime mould might become the basis of future 'bio computers' as it shows unlikely signs of intelligence, according to Japanese scientists.
In Wash Away Yovr Tears, 2007, a strategic typo and slightly uneven spacing of letters suggest a semantic playfulness that is supported by the white and red lines, cloudy white blobs, and blue amoeboid shapes that surround it.
Our current task is the validation of this device with respect to published literature on the migration rates at particular voltages of Dictyostelium discoideum, a ubiquitous model for amoeboid crawling movement.
vivax," although less amoeboid and with a more dense rim of cytoplasm.
In coastal exposures at Wild Cove, Cape Fogo, and Kippen Cove some mafic blocks exhibit intimate, amoeboid interfingering with the matrix, and form pillow-like masses, phenomena suggestive of coexisting magmas.
Plasmodium vivax rings are always intracellular, and they demonstrate blue amoeboid cytoplasm with a red chromatin dot.
HLC had an amoeboid movement and they formed filopodia.
Physarum is a large, single-celled amoeboid organism that forages for patchily distributed food sources.
Response of amoeboid microglia/brain macrophages in fetal rat brain exposed to a teratogen.