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infection by a disease-causing ameba

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The significant increase in the episode rate for amoebiasis coincides with a general increase of such cases in the population during the post-intervention time period.
Study of antiamoebic antibody in amoebiasis using ELISA and RID Techniques.
Protozoan infections, Intestinal protozoan diseases, Amoebiasis, Giardiasis, Occupational groups.
These unhygienic practices cause diarrhea, amoebiasis, cholera and typhoid fever, etc., causing deaths, particularly among infants, and high health costs for the government.
Health executive Eunice Kobia, however, said the disease was amoebic dysentery, also known as amoebiasis. She blamed this for the diarrhoea cases in Tigania West and Imenti North constituencies.
histolytica is one of the most common parasites and is the causative agent of human amoebiasis. Infections with this parasite have different clinical manifestations, including diarrhea, dysentery, and liver abscess.
[3] The WHO estimated that globally, there are 800-1000 million cases of ascariasis, 700-900 million of hookworm infection, 500 millions of trichuriasis, 200 million of giardiasis, and 500 million of amoebiasis. [4] Intestinal helminths infestations are the most common infestations among school-age children and they tend to occur in high intensity in this age group and lead to nutritional deficiency, including iron deficiency anemia, seizures, portal hypertension, chronic diarrhea, and impaired physical development in children which will have negative consequences on cognitive function and learning ability.
At least 21 children from the Badjao community in Barangay (village) Totolan here were rushed to the hospital after showing symptoms of amoebiasis.
He also referred to pseudo resistance, non adherence to compliance with therapy, use of sub-standard medications, substance abuse, oral contraceptives, steroids and amoebiasis. Blood pressure measurement with mercury technique should be preferred.
The most prominent KEGG pathways were metabolic pathways (2683,10.87%), regulation of actin cytoskeleton (1768, 7.16%), amoebiasis (1635, 6.62%), Vibrio cholerae infection (1409, 5.71%), focal adhesion (1225, 4.96%), RNA transport (1060, 4.29%), Salmonella infection (1048,4.24%), adherens junction (958,3.88%), bacterial invasion of epithelial cells (938, 3.8%), and chemokine signaling pathway (889, 3.6%).
The famous protozoan parasites contaminating drinking water are Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba histolytica and Cyclospora, that cause severe gastrointestinal disorders; namely giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis, amoebiasis and cyclosporiasis respectively [2].
Infectious diseases (typhoid, tuberculosis, HIV infection amoebiasis) being the common causes in the later whereas non-infectious pathology such as malignancy and diverticulitis are more common in developed nations.6,7
Amoebiasis is presently the third most common cause of death from parasitic disease [2].
Amoebiasis is the third most important reason for death from parasitic diseases wide-reaching, with its furthermost impact on the people of developing countries.
The intestinal causative agent of amoebiasis is protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica, which is affecting millions of people throughout the world.