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naked freshwater or marine or parasitic protozoa that form temporary pseudopods for feeding and locomotion

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A woman has died after contracting a rare and vicious brain-eating amoeba from using tap water in a Neti Pot, which eventually turned her brain 'into mush'.
With further development, the bacterial film communities became specialized and integrated, a development that led to a new organism, an amoeba. While the amoeba is recognized as a single cell, in truth it is a modified version of a bacterial community.
The Capsaspora owczarzaki amoeba uses many of the same tricks to switch its single-celled body between different life stages.
Infection of human specially affecting central nervous system by free living amoebas is infrequent but often life threatening occurrence in both normal that is immuno-competent and immuno-compromised individuals1.
The invention's unique design insures that its users' noses are protected from intrusion by potentially deadly amoebas.
But in that case I could sit and do programmes about amoebas" - Broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, saying there is little chance of his giving up work.
In contrast to other free-living amoebas, the morphology of Acanthamoeba griffini is extremely variable, ranging from rounded to elongated shapes.
So should the average person be worried about drinking brain-eating amoebas from the faucet?
Half a dozen single celled amoebas could fit inside a full stop and still have room to party.
Scientists reported in the journal PNAS that Megavirus probably infects amoebas, single-celled organisms that are floating free in the sea.
Further reports from the technician in the microbiology laboratory stated that he did note free moving amoebas in the fresh prep of the CSF.
A new study adds an even more surprising kind of farmer to that list: amoebas. An amoeba is a (usually) single-celled organism that looks like a blob, with one or more nuclei inside.
"Amoebas are caught through drinking dodgy water and causes stomach sickness.